Frequently Asked Questions

Currently I am selling limited edition hand-embellished prints and glossy archival photo prints directly through my website. While you can browse for some other products, their respective landing pages will direct you to one of the external online shopping venues or galleries through which the item can be ordered (e.g. Strangeling on Ebay, Strangeling Art Emporium on Ebay, Etsy, Zazzle, Bradford Group, Pop Gallery, WonderGround Gallery, etc). These external sites all sell official Strangeling merchandise - from Pop Gallery Exclusive originals and limited edition prints to jewelry created by my sister, Amber Logan. We hope to make more items available directly through strangeling.com in the future, so keep checking back!
Shipping costs will depend on the item you are ordering, quantity, where it is being shipped from and the shipping destination. When you go through the ordering process, you will be presented with some shipping options and you will be able to see your total order cost, including shipping, before checkout.
For orders through strangeling.com, I accept payments via PayPal. For most customers, you will not be required to sign up for a PayPal account to simply pay via credit or debit card. You can check out as a guest with the option to set up a PayPal account after your transaction is completed. However, you are NOT required to set up a PayPal account. Read more about this from PayPal’s FAQ. To see how the checkout process works when checking out WITHOUT a PayPal account, watch this short video:

For those who prefer to place their orders via snail mail, I accept credit cards, checks and money orders in US funds. NOTE: Most orders placed via snail-mail (placed through our PO Box) will be processed & shipped within 1-2 weeks. However, as Jasmine has multiple homes/studios and is often on the road, if she is not current in Florida there may be a few weeks’ additional wait time, so please allow for this. Strangeling: The Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith PO Box 470932 Celebration, FL 34747-0932
PayPal is a secure transaction system that allows buyers to send payments to sellers. Similar to credit card processing services that many businesses use, PayPal’s difference is that it allows for business and personal transactions. Buyers are not charged a fee for purchasing through PayPal, but sellers are charged a percentage of the transaction (just like a credit card processing company normally would). Learn more about Pay Pal here.
Yes! Nearly all countries can order through strangeling.com. If you are unable to order from the website due to the country you live in, you can still order directly from me by snail mail. NOTE: Most orders placed via snail-mail (placed through our PO Box) will be processed & shipped within 1-2 weeks. However, as Jasmine has multiple homes/studios and is often on the road, if she is not current in Florida there may be a few weeks' additional wait time, so please allow for this. Strangeling: The Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith PO Box 470932 Celebration, FL 34747-0932
Certainly! Simply mail a check or money order in US funds to our PO Box. NOTE: Most orders placed via snail-mail will be processed & shipped within 1-2 weeks. However, as Jasmine has multiple homes/studios and is often on the road, if she is not current in Florida there may be a few weeks’ additional wait time, so please allow for this. Strangeling: The Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith PO Box 470932 Celebration, FL 34747-0932
Masterpiece editions: Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Each piece must be printed after they are ordered, hand embellished by the artists, stretched and packed for shipment. Glossy Prints: Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Open Edition Canvases: Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Pins, Stickers, and Fine Art Mini Prints: Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. International shipping times can vary depending on your country’s Border Customs practices. NOTE: Some items may ship separately.
Originals are often available at Pop Gallery in Orlando, FL, and WonderGround Gallery at Disneyworld in Anaheim, California, as well as conventions such as Dragon Con. For upcoming exhibitions and appearances, please check the Events calendar. You can see all currently available original paintings (via website or my galleries) on the Originals Page Here Many original paintings are available here on eBay Auctions usually begin at just one penny, with no reserve! If you are interested in being notified of when new originals and other artwork is available, you can join the mailing list by entering your email address in the form in the footer of this site.
Currently I am booked up for 3 years with a waiting list, so not at this time. However you can click on the Commissions tab above on this page to find information on commissioning work from me.
It may still be available. Just email me with the title or basic description.
Wonderful! I license a lot of my art, and I also sell my prints wholesale. Just click on the Licensing or Wholesale tabs above on this page for more information!
It depends. I sign all of my Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvases on both the front and back. Because these prints are made at my studio in Florida, I am able to add custom messages. For custom messages on Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvases, simply note it in the Note field when ordering and then send a follow-up email to [email protected] with your order number in the subject line as well as “CUSTOM MESSAGE”. The follow-up email will make it less likely that we’ll miss your request. I cannot add any custom messages to the Glossy Photo Archival Prints as those orders are fulfilled by Chris and Amber from our Overland Park location and I am often not there. These prints DO COME SIGNED, however. I usually sign these prints in batches, in advance of orders, whenever I am back in the Kansas City area visiting. I’ll spend hours in a row sometimes just signing prints as I DO want all of my customers to at least have my actual signature on their prints. Sadly, adding custom messages is just something I am unable to do for those products. I also cannot sign prints ordered through Zazzle, Amazon, Art.com, or other third-party vendors, because those ship from their factories/printers - not from my living room like the strangeling.com prints. However, you are welcome to bring a print or any other product you have purchased online to any event where I am making an appearance and I will sign it for you in person.
Over the years I have been asked repeatedly by all of you for FRAMED or MATTED or READY-to-HANG artwork! And I understand completely - it is nice to receive artwork that is ready to just hang right up on the wall, without having to worry about buying a frame or taking it to a frame shop. Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas Prints come stretched over a frame and ready to hang. Read more about that process in the Prints & Originals tab above on this page. We do not offer matting, framing or other ready to hang options for any other products at this time. We simply do not have the facilities or materials available to offer this for all our products. While we cannot offer custom framing direct from strangeling.com, My Zazzle Print Store has custom matting and framing options available. There are many frames and mats to choose from and a variety of sizes, too - up to 78" - practically mural sized - great for really creating a striking ambience in a room! I have ordered from Zazzle myself when I want prints framed. It's cheaper and easier than having it done elsewhere or doing it myself, and the results are great! Also, Pop Gallery and WonderGround Gallery often have ready-to-hang exclusives. You can check out what is currently available through Pop Gallery and through WonderGround Gallery.
The maximum size limit for the prints we make ourselves, available here on strangeling.com, is 13x19. We can’t print any larger than that. However, if you would like a larger sized print or poster, you can order through my Zazzle print store - their printers go up to 78" and most of my prints can be ordered there in sizes from 11x14 all the way up to big 60x78 prints. They also offer framing and different paper types than I can offer. If you are looking for jewelry, statues, and other items, please check out my Etsy store, Strangeling Art Emporium on Ebay, my Zazzle Store, or check out the products offered by the companies through which I have licensing agreements. You can find links to those companies in the footer of this website.
For the most part, we offer two sizes — 8x10 and 12x16. Those are the dimensions for the PRINTED AREA of the paper. The prints all have a white border of at least ½ inch. The papers themselves are 8.5x11 and 13x19. We also have some oddly sized and shaped prints dependent on the original’s size and shape. Some are ovals or long panoramics. I keep the prints proportional to the original paintings though (I don't crop or stretch things, of course not!) - so if the original painting was long and skinny, or an oval shape, or a very horizontally wide painting, etc. - the prints will be too. The dimensions of the printed area of each product should be indicated in the product’s description tabs on each product page.
All of the Glossy Photo Archival Prints I sell directly on this website are what are called "Open Edition" prints. Open Edition prints are prints that I can reproduce at my discretion and are not limited in number. My Open Edition prints are photo prints in full colour on glossy photo-quality paper. They are vibrant, detailed prints taken directly from my original paintings. They are made in Overland Park, KS, by my sister Amber and her husband Chris with HP Vivera photo inks that are Archival and should last a hundred years!

Limited Edition vs Open Edition

These prints are Limited Edition, which means that only a limited number are ever made - in this case 25 prints. No more than 25 Hand-Embellished Canvas Prints will ever be made of any one of my paintings. Once those 25 prints are sold - that’s it! Open Edition prints are unlimited in quantity. I will print as many as people would like to purchase.

Canvas vs Glossy Photo Print

Basically these are archival quality prints that are printed onto a sheet of real artist's canvas (Fredrix Canvas - the same brand I paint my original paintings on!). Printing on canvas allows for the art to be stretched over a frame, which you couldn’t do with the Glossy Photo Prints. Also, printing on canvas gives greater durability and creates a final piece that looks more identical to the original work.

Hand Embellishing

After the artwork has been printed to the canvas, I then go ahead with my usual acrylic paints and paint brushes and hand embellish each print individually, adding highlights and details in acrylic paint. This makes each canvas just a little different from the rest. I also hand-sign and number the prints in paint. I then paint each piece with a glossy giclee UV varnish which seals in the paint and inks. The print is then heat set at a high temperature to keep the ink from fading and making it water-resistant and very glossy! These beautiful and unique works of art truly are the next best thing to owning an original painting. Even as the actual artist myself, I find it difficult to tell the difference between one of these gorgeous prints and one of my original paintings!!! Please note - the Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas prints here at strangeling.com are the ones I make myself - do not confuse these with the canvas options at my Zazzle print store. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. Read more about the differences in the question below.
Yes they are! Here are the differences:

Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvases


Ships from me, made at my house Ships from Zazzle factory, made by Zazzle's printers
Hand-embellished by me, with acrylic paints - each print is unique Not hand embellished
Signed & Numbered, Limited Edition Not signed or numbered, Open Edition
Maximum size 11"x14" Maximum size 78"x60"
Only glossy finish Choice of finishes, glossy, matte, etc.
Stretched, gallery wrap-style, with black sides - ready to hang! Multiple framing and matting options, can be ready to hang!
11x14 Canvas costs $125 11x14 Canvas costs only $55
  To order canvases from Strangeling.com - just visit the Fine Art Prints section of my site, and browse for the painting you'd like. You can shop by category or you can do a site search by keyword. Not all prints have available Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas Prints available. Some have sold out (as only 25 are available of each piece, ever! Once they are gone - they are gone!). If you see that a print only has Open Edition prints as an option, it is likely because the Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas Prints have sold out.To order canvases from Zazzle, visit my Zazzle print store - click on the painting you'd like a canvas for, and it will take you to that image's page. In the upper right hand corner, you will see a box that says "print options". The first option is "Size" (pick a size), but after that is an option called "Media". Click Media. There are four options, two of which are canvas - you can select Platinum Matte UV Canvas or Platinum Gloss UV Canvas - some folks prefer not-so-shiny, some folks prefer shiny. I prefer shiny =) Then you can add the framing or matting elements under the third option, Framing.Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney has many exclusives and large format canvas giclees of mine.
On this website, I offer both my Open Edition prints (glossy photo paper) and my Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas Prints. Those are the only types we sell from the website. We do have several other sizes that we offer exclusively at our brick-and-mortar shop at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and at festivals and conventions.You may also want to visit my Zazzle print store. The Zazzle print store prints ship separately from strangeling.com prints - they are made by the Zazzle factory printers and they have a phenomenal amount of choices, sizes, frames, etc. Also, Pop Gallery and WonderGround Gallery have many exclusives and large format canvas giclees of mine.
Yes! Here on strangeling.com, eBay and Zazzle! To see Zazzle’s current sales and get their coupon codes, click HERE! Then just go to my Zazzle print store and enter the coupon codes during checkout. They really have some great sales, and often!
Yes, yes it is. I have all kinds of little mini prints and other types of prints that I sell ONLY at art shows. That's part of what makes coming to one of my appearances a bit special - you can get things there you can't get elsewhere. To find out where I’m appearing next, check out the Events page
Yes! I have several books out. Most of them are available via Amazon. I’ll be adding more books directly to strangeling.com as I am able.
Yes! I have contracts with a dozens of merchandising companies that produce lines of many different products (stickers, clothing, posters, candles, air fresheners, etc.) featuring my artwork! Many of them are now at retail stores throughout the country. You can find a full list of my licensed merchandise in the footer menu of this website!
Yes! At my Zazzle poster store — up to 78" in many cases. You can even have them framed or mounted there!

I currently am BOOKED UP for private commissions through mid 2021. At this time I am NOT accepting new custom paintings for individuals or portrait commissions until I have finished those for waiting customers on the list!

If you are a company interested in publishing, merchandising or licensing however, please email me with your proposal. I regularly work on commissions, portraits, and custom paintings, and am happy to consider any freelance illustration or design opportunities. I require 50% of the total up front to cover material costs and as a deposit. 100% client satisfaction is my ultimate goal. I am a full-time artist and at any given time I am usually working on commissioned projects, so I typically have quite a waiting list. Please be sure to contact me with plenty of time in advance of any deadline. From conception to shipping I can usually finish a piece within a few weeks, depending on size and level of detail. I first and foremost am a fantasy artist (gothic and faerie themes dominate most of my original work), and pieces in these genres will be given priority. Please familiarize yourself with my style before contacting me - I mostly accept commissions that are done in the style of my original work.

My current pricelist is as follows:

  • 12"x16"............$6800
  • 16"x20"............$8400>
  • 18"x24"............$13000
  • 24"x30"............$18000
  • 24"x36"............$25000
  • 36"x48"............$38000


Please do not ask for smaller paintings, or drawings, sketches, etc. This is a rough pricelist based on a standard acrylic painting on masonite panel (my preferred medium - 99% of the paintings here on my site are painted in this manner). Prices listed include all materials (for acrylic paintings on masonite), multiple revisions as necessary, and insured Priority Mail or UPS shipping. At this time I am not accepting commissions for murals or any kind of "on-site" paintings. I do not design logos, do graphic design or computer art - all of my work consists of original full-scale acrylic paintings. For privacy and security issues I will not paint models in person at my residence or elsewhere. I do offer significant discounts for commissions of multiple paintings. Please let me know if you are interested - I am very much a professional, and am excited to work with new people and ideas!
I do not work for Bradford, nor do I stock the collectibles, ship them, or have any inside info regarding orders placed, billing, shipping, timelines, policies, or ANYTHING like that. I just do the original artwork that inspires the collectibles and Bradford licenses those images from me for their product lines. If you have questions regarding Bradford/Hamilton policies, questions about your order, product info, shipping info, timelines, billing, availability, etc., you will need to ask the customer service folks at Bradford! You can CLICK HERE to contact them online, or call them at 1-877-268-6638. More products are on their way, so keep your eyes peeled!
Easiest is to order online - click HERE to see what they have of mine at BradfordExchange.com (however, many new products are not yet on their website - it often takes months before they get up there!)

The next best way is to CALL on the phone: 1-877-268-6638 (toll-free). Have the item number and title of the product ready (and the brochure, if you got it in the mail). To see a listing of various products that may not yet be on their website, look at my Facebook album HERE for new things to pre-order!

Another way is to order through the mail! If you received a brochure or card or saw a magazine ad - just fill out the form and send it in!

My sister, Amber, and brother-in-law, Chris, have a shop on eBay that occasionally stocks statues. Check those out here: Strangeling Art Emporium

In the UK, visit StrangelingUK

Also, Burning Desires carries many of my statues and figurines.
Unfortunately, I can't help you with that! PLEASE FOLKS, keep in mind that I just design the collectibles, dolls, paintings, statues. I ONLY design them. I do not have any control over or information regarding availability or discontinuation of ANY product. I have absolutely no information regarding which items are sold out. I do not stock or sell these items, nor do I have any information about whether something is back-ordered, shipped, canceled or anything like that, whatsoever. The Bradford Group does not supply me with any of that information nor do I have the time or resources to make those inquiries. The only people who can help you with information regarding Bradford Group products is the Bradford Group. The people to call are at 1-877-268-6638. I do not work for the Bradford Group. I just design the characters and artwork and they license those images and characters from me. To cite a rather silly parallel - if you were wondering why a specific Hannah Montana doll was no longer available at your local Wal-Mart, if you emailed Hannah Montana (aka Miley Cyrus) and asked her - she probably would have no idea, as she just licensed the doll with her image. You would, of course, contact the seller or manufacturer for information and not Ms. Cyrus herself. Hope that makes sense! You - the customers - usually have more information than I do, so please contact Bradford Group to answer any questions related to their Jasmine Becket-Griffith licensed products.
Nope! Once again - I just design the characters and create the initial artwork that is then licensed to the Bradford Group. The people to call are at 1-877-268-6638.  I may have designed it years ago even, hehe - the manufacture, ordering, shipping and distribution, or information regarding any of the foregoing, are not things I have access to. Let's draw another silly parallel - for example, let's say you purchased a Stephen King book at Amazon.com. If you then emailed Stephen King himself, he would not be able to give you the tracking number for your package. I'm in much the same boat - hope that makes it clear =)
No, I'm sorry! I do not have the statues here at my house! I wouldn't have room, hehe. To be completely honest I try to get one of each statue for my OWN collection. I decorate my house with them. Most of them are on shelves in my living room - only ONE of each though, and sorry - you can't have mine! As the artist I usually get two of each as samples - one for me and any others end up with family members. I don't have extra ones at all, and don't have them here to sell. You need to order them from the Bradford Exchange directly.
No, I do not have Bradford statues or other licensed merchandise here. If I want them, I'd have to order them from the Bradford Exchange myself, lol. I do not know what their policies are on selling the statues wholesale, but you can contact them by calling 1-877-268-6638 (toll-free) or on their website contact form HERE.
Yes, you may order just one issue from most collections by calling 1-866-907-3607. A Bradford Group representative will gladly take your order. You can also order one at a time from Strangeling Art Emporium when they have them for sale.
The Bradford Group does a lot of direct mail advertising through various channels, media ads, magazines, newspapers, mailed brochures, etc. I get them in the mail a lot myself, lol, even for my own stuff! If you don't want them mailed to you, you can use their website contact form HERE. Or - if you WANT to get on their mailing list and DO want to start getting ads, previews, special deals, etc. - you can register at BradfordExchange.com here!
No, I'm just a lowly artist myself, I have nothing to do with that end of the business. I have no secret "ins" or strings to pull, I am sorry! How did I get licensed? One day out of the blue I got an email from one of their representatives asking if I would be interested in licensing my artwork with them, and that's pretty much it.
Oooh! Luckily I can certainly help you there! Up on my Facebook Page I typically post several new projects a week right HERE in my New Bradford Group Projects Folder. This is the place to go to see my new collections and get your pre-order numbers in before the general public. Yay!! I even show in-progress sculptures & paintings in my Works-In-Progress Folder. In fact, just go to my Facebook Page and check in every day and see new stuff every few hours sometimes, hehe.
Actually, typically most collections are currently still in production and are on-going, so I do not know the finite number. I'll typically have finished or approved a whole bunch of designs, and I won't know which ones Bradford/Hamilton decides will make it into the collection as finished statues. So I am definitely NOT the person to ask. Occasionally though the folks THERE can tell you - 1-877-268-6638 (toll-free) or on their website contact form HERE.
No, as much as I would like to, I can't paint each one individually. Often they sell tens of thousands of an individual statue, and it would take me many lifetimes of working 24/7 to keep up with that, hehe. So basically I do the original artwork and paintings, and then trained artisans complete the resin castings for the Limited Editions. They do this all by hand, even hand-setting tiny jewels and gems, hand dusting the glitter, etc. - they do a phenomenal job!
Personally I have no idea nor access to any information why a certain product is not available. There are a plethora of reasons, and I am not told specifically (remember, I'm just the girl who designs, paints and licenses these cuties!). It is probably because of these following reasons though:
  • Many of my statues & other collectibles are Limited Editions. This means that they eventually run out! That's what "Limited" means =)
  • You may have pre-ordered something that was part of a "Test Market" and after the initial test-market it may have been discontinued
  • They may have simply SOLD OUT and are ceasing production
  • There may have been some sort of quality or shipping issue with the factory or distribution that was not resolved and the item(s) is no longer available
  • Sometimes items may be seasonal or only available for a short time
  • During development, sometimes a collection or collectible may run into some sort of snag and will be re-released later in a slightly different format (such as a doll originally intended to be vinyl may be canceled and later re-released in resin as a separate thing all together)
At any rate - I (as only the artist) am not privy to the specific reasons, nor would I have any sort of information beyond that which you receive via notifications from the Bradford Exchange, the Hamilton Collection, Ashton-Drake, etc. Only the folks THERE can tell you the most current information - 1-877-268-6638 (toll-free) or on their website contact form HERE.
To be certain, please contact 1-877-268-6638 (toll-free) or on their website contact form HERE.
I was emailed by one of the representatives one day and asked if I would be interested in doing some co-branded projects with Disney, and I said "Yes!" I'm a big Disney fan! We have more Disney things planned, but it is not up to me which ones are picked. Hopefully lots of them!
I know many of you live in countries all over the world - and I'm very happy that people everywhere appreciate my work and want my collectibles from the Bradford Group! Now, I don't work for the Bradford Group nor do I have any sort of say in how the company is run in different countries, or what their shipping policies or international availability are. Even if you send me sad emails, I don't have any access to information other than what you see on the internet yourself, I am sorry! However, I have made the following handy list to do my best to help international customers get in on the collecting!

First things first — here's the lowdown: In the beginning, my Bradford collectibles go through several stages of availability over many months. First they are test-marketed in select areas determined by the Bradford Group. If things go well, they then begin accepting pre-orders through the mail, telephone, and on their website(s). These stages originate here in the US. Then after the pre-ordering stage, the collectibles slowly start being available in other ways, on the International Bradford websites (see below), through some mail and phone orders in other countries, and finally (and importantly) through re-sellers, second-hand sellers, and various affiliates.

Before we begin, StrangelingUK and Strangeling Art Emporium are two places to look first. Both retail the Bradford Group/Hamilton collectibles directly to the public!

Okay now, the best, most efficient way to collect my Bradford Collectibles is to go to the source - the official Bradford International Websites. Not every country has their own Bradford website yet, but they are working on that all the time. Even if your country doesn't have an official Bradford website - don't worry - there are other options too, so keep reading. PLEASE NOTE: many of the official international sites may not yet have my items on the website, it takes months sometimes to get them up there. However you can EMAIL or CALL them and they can sometimes hook you up! Here is a list of some of the official international websites (click the links, search "Jasmine" - or else just go to their Contact Us pages to get the email or phone numbers to ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith collectibles):

United Kingdom: (search Jasmine)


Italy: (search Jasmine)


Australia: (search Jasmine)


Austria: (search Jasmine)


Canada: (search Jasmine)


Finland: (search Jasmine)


Germany: (search Jasmine)


Sweden: (search Jasmine)


Switzerland: (search Jasmine)


And just in case - United States: (search Jasmine)


Again - those websites above may not yet technically have my products there, but if you CALL them on the phone or email them — look at their Contact pages and FAQs — you may be able to order on the phone or by mail. If not, pass on the word that you want them to stock up on Jasmine Becket-Griffith collectibles, and maybe if enough folks ask, they will start offering them! Again, emailing ME doesn't help - I don't have any say or access to anything you don't, lol. I'm just the artist!
Did you try emailing and calling everybody above? Another option is eBay! Some folks order the Hamilton and Bradford Collection collectibles and sell them (usually new, still in the packaging) on eBay and many will ship all over the world! Here's a quick search link to get you started - try different key words and advanced search options on eBay.com and you will most certainly find even more. Click HERE to do a quick search on eBay Also, Burning Desires in Canada sells many of my statues and may be able to ship to your country. Still can't find the figurine you're looking for? It is probably just a matter of TIME. You may have seen the virtual images of it online and it still hasn't even gone into production. The test-marketing and advertisements may start many months before the factory produces and ships the collectibles. Another option to consider (I know many folks do this!) - get a friend, internet buddy, or penpal who lives in the US or any of the other countries where the official Bradford site or catalogue ships to, and have them order for you! Be sure to cover their shipping costs and expenses. Maybe you can return the favour by sending them treats or products available only in your country.
It is a long process, beginning first with my sketches or paintings. Sculptors then begin in clay and I approve the clay stages. After my approval, resin (or whatever material the collectible is) production begins. Following the resin casting, there are the painted versions for me to approve, and then the edition begins and they collectibles are made and shipped. Even if you have seen the virtual pics online or in ads, it may be many months before the actual products appear for ordering online, on eBay or imported into secondary markets. So if you see a picture or ad I have posted online for example, just wait awhile before expecting to see somebody selling it online or on eBay! You may see others you want to order in the meantime.

If you can’t find something you have seen an ad for, another case may be that the item has sold out. Limited Edition means exactly that - quantities are limited. Sometimes only a small number of a collectible may be made, which means you are less likely to find them on the websites and may have to resort to second-hand or resellers or eBay. Very small or short editions can be very rare and valuable to collectors.

PLEASE NOTE - I do not have my Bradford Collectibles in stock nor am able to sell them at any time.

As the artist, I only get one or two of each collectible, and I keep them for myself! If I am lucky enough to get two, I give the spare to my mom or my sisters or something. I can't order them for your or on your behalf, I am sorry. And again - emailing me doesn't help as far as ordering Bradford collectibles - you will need to contact them directly! Even just to tell them that you wish they offered a certain item in your country, or if you have suggestions for them - they always appreciate your feedback. If they get enough requests they may even change things for the better or be more accommodating in the future. Thank you so much all - I hope that this page has helped a bit!
We are working on adding a wholesale feature to the website, but that may take a little while. In the meantime, for Wholesale Open Edition Print inquiries, contact Amber Logan and for all other wholesale merchandise, contact Jasmine.
If you are simply interested in using my artwork to show off or display or decorate your website, MySpace, FaceBook, LiveJournal, etc. you are welcome to do so free of charge of course, as long as you follow the following restrictions:


No changing the pictures whatsoever. No animations, adding text, no sparkles, nothing. Sorry folks, if you want to do this, see the TUBES & TAGS section about licensing for tubes/tags. Just use the picture as shown, as I painted it, please. You can re-size it as needed for the space, but please do not change the image other than that.


I only grant display permission of the images of my artwork as shown here on my website, www.strangeling.com, complete with the ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith watermark text on them. I know, it can be distracting or blurry, but unwatermarked image use online has led me to multiple lawsuits and other copyright issues over the past few years, so I gotta say it. No scanning in other pics or snagging them from commercial sites, etc. For free display, I only allow use of the watermarked images from this site. Sorry to be a bother!


You will need to credit the following: ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith and a link (clickable if possible) to https://strangeling.com


If you are selling something — anything at all — I do not allow free display of my artwork. If you are interested in licensing my artwork for business use, contact me at [email protected].[/toggle] [toggle title_open="Close Me" title_closed="TUBES & TAGS" hide="yes" border="yes" style="default" excerpt_length="0" read_more_text="Read More" read_less_text="Read Less" include_excerpt_html="no"] I have a company handling my tubes and tags! I don't handle this myself, it is done through licensed use of my images for tubes and tags through the company CDO — Creative Design Outlet (they have taken over from the former CILM company) — a fabulous company that creates tubes from artists' works they have officially licensed, and they create packs of tubed art for purchase for online tag hobbyists. The tubes may be bought for a small fee, and downloaded directly from their site — small packages as well as individual images and custom packs. Once purchased, you have lifetime permission as long as you follow their terms and don't use the art for profit. This is the ONLY usage I allow of my artwork for tubes, tags, and other alterations. CLICK HERE to see my available images at CDO!! For ANY questions regarding usage of my images as tubes or tags, this is handled by CDO (not by me myself) and you can email them here: [email protected] or call them: Customer Service: (520)308-5633 To report copyright violations of unlicensed usage of my images as tubes or tags NOT with CDO or CILM, contact them here: [email protected]
If you are interested in featuring my work in your magazine or other publication, using my work for promoting your commercial endeavors, or using my images on your company’s products, please email me for details. Print reproduction without my written permission is strictly prohibited. If you would like to sell my prints or other products I create in your online or brick-and-mortar shop, please see the Wholesale FAQ tab for more information.
I am incredibly flattered that you want one! Like my Fan Page on Facebook and post your tattoo photo and I’ll include it in the Tattoos album. Bring the print, book, sticker, or other picture you have my artwork with you to the tattoo parlour and have the tattoo artist work from that. Most tattoo artists are great artists in their own right and will do a great job from the picture. Please note that this is for PERSONAL use only. Also - I see a lot of my paintings tattooed on people in various monthly tattoo magazines. That is very cool! If possible though, when submitting your tattoo based on my painting to a magazine, please ask them to credit me, the artist, as well. Thank you!
Any content on this website (images and text) may be shared and distributed freely as long as that content remains unaltered, is cited, and a link back to the original content on www.strangeling.com is included. Any reproduction of content from www.strangeling.com that does not abide by the terms outlined on this website is an infringement of copyright and may result in legal action.
The Visual Artists' Rights Act is a very helpful government document outlining an artist's rights to their intellectual property.
Email Me right away! I have legal representation retained for such matters and I will pass along the info asap. Thank you to all of you who look out for me =) If you have seen illegal or unauthorized use specific to my tubes and images for signature tags through CDO/CILM you can contact them at: [email protected] - they will handle that side of things.
Much like with my prints and artwork, we have Open Edition and Limited Edition pins. Open Edition means that there is no limit to the number of pins available. If an Open Edition pin sells out on Strangeling.com we will simply make more and let you place a backorder to be in the next shipment. Limited Editions however have only a certain number of pins made (usually 100 or 250) and then the mold is physically destroyed/demolished so that no more pins of that design can ever be made. Once these sell out, they are all gone. Limited Editions are numbered on their backing board.
Don't worry, we ship the pins ANYWHERE in the world! You can order right here at Strangeling.com
Individual pins come on a backing board (branded with the Strangeling logo and copyright info) in a sealed plastic bag. Limited Edition Pin Sets come all together on one postcard-sized board (usually with colourful graphics) and are numbered according to their edition (such as #042 / #250) and are also sealed in a plastic bag. When shipped they are carefully packaged & cushioned (exterior packaging depends on the number of pins and other items in the order).
The cost of shipping will depend on how many pins you order, where you live (what zone, zip code, country, etc.), and if you are ordering any other artwork items, books or prints along with your pin at the same time. You will be shown your shipping charges during checkout BEFORE you are charged, so you will clearly see the costs and options displayed in your shopping cart. We use Stamps.com software and the shipping cost is precisely calculated by the computer based on distance, weight, and size of the packaging, insurance and tracking. Don't worry, we never add on any silly "handling" fees, we literally charge exactly what the Post Office charges us.
Once we have sold out of our current inventory, the website puts that pin on "backorder." This means that you can still place an order, but we here at Strangeling.com will have to wait a little while to make more pins and get them packed up to fulfill your order in the next shipment. A backorder basically reserves your pin as soon as we get more in stock, it may mean just a day or two later than usual or possibly a few weeks at most - typically we should have that information for you on the pin's detail page or when you place your order.
It depends on the design of the pin. Here at Strangeling.com we will mention in the pin's description the size of that specific design. Just about all of them are between .75" to 1.75" (around one inch to an inch and a half, mostly).
My pins are metal pins are made of lead-free iron alloy. They are molded with a die cutting machine, and soft enamel is poured into the metal creating a very tough, sturdy and beautiful design image. It is all one solid piece, not a decal or a print, but actually shaped and poured metal and recessed enamel.
Be sure to check our Pins page here at Strangeling.com. We have a listing of all my official pins that we have created so far. Be sure to use the "Next Page" arrows to see more! Each pin's page should have details to add to your shopping cart or information about past or future availability. It could be that the pin you are looking for was a limited edition and is sold out and there are no more left to buy. It may be that the pin was an Event Exclusive and is not for sale (for example the MegaCon 2017 Exclusive pin was "Alligator Girl" - she will not be for sale, she was just given away to guests at MegaCon 2017 as a special surprise!). It may be that the pin is a Patreon Exclusive and is only available to the Pin Collector Fan Club up at Patreon (for details click here  or scroll down for more Patreon Pin Collector questions). Some pins may be exclusive to certain stores such as the Pop Gallery at Disney Springs. Again, details about availability will be on each pin's page here at Strangeling.com . If a pin has been sold out, retired, or the event for it has passed you will only be able to find these pins by trading with other fans/collectors or by finding them second hand on eBay or other secondary markets. Searching "Jasmine Becket-Griffith Pin" up at eBay.com might be a good start!
We would be happy to talk about wholesale orders for the pins! Most designs are available if you are purchasing in bulk. Please note that you will need to have your business information and tax ID handy. Email Jasmine and she can help point you in the right direction depending on the situation and quantity.
Like all small and sharp pieces of metal, pins may not be suitable for small children. Small pieces of metal can constitute a choking hazard, and the back of the pin is very sharp and pokey. Please supervise children and be responsible!
No, so far Disney has not made any pins of the artwork I have done for the Walt Disney Company. Disney owns the reproduction rights to all of the Disney artwork I do for them. All of these pins here at Strangeling.com are pins we have made ourselves with my personal artwork and designs. Maybe someday Disney will want to make pins of my Disney artwork (that would be cool!) but so far they have not done so. Since these are not Disney pins you cannot trade or sell these at Disney World or at Disney-specific pin trading events.
You can see all of my official pins in the Collectible Enamel Pins product category here at Strangeling.com. Be sure to use the arrow buttons to see "Next Page", etc. to see them all.  
We always release a new open edition "Pin of the Month" here at Strangeling.com once per month (usually on the 15th). These are designs for everybody to order, open edition, available to all. In addition to the monthly Pin of the Month we also release many special pins - limited edition pin sets, exclusives for events, Patron exclusives and more. Bookmark our Pins Page here at Strangeling.com and check back to see what is new! You can also get sneak previews privately through Jasmine's Patreon (as well as Patreon exclusive free pins, discounts on pins & more) click here.  
Patreon is basically a private fan club. Many artists, celebrities & musicians have Patreon pages where fans can sign up to get special access, freebies, discounts, sneak previews & content that is not available to the public. For specific info click here  to see my Patreon Page. The Patreon "Pin Collector's" Tier at Patreon is $25/month, and those Patreon Pin Collectors get free pins not available to the public that are never for sale, a 10% discount on any additional pins, the new Pin of the Month pin automatically shipped to them each month, previews of pins before they are released, and more. I also do fun giveaways at Patreon for original paintings given away each month, sneak peeks on projects and paintings before they are shown to the public, etc. Many tiers from $1 are available, it is worth every penny even if you ever bought just one single pin or print! It is an international club, you can live anywhere in the world.
If you really plan on getting them all, definitely join the Pin Collector's club up at my Patreon - click here . There are some pins that will only be available to Patreon members, such as "Alice in Clockwork", and each month you get one or two new pins shipped to you for free. The Patreon Pin Collector tier is $25/month and you also get an additional 10% off whenever you buy pins at Strangeling.com
Why yes there is!  Run by Jasmine herself & the folks at Strangeling.com - you are welcome to join the official collectors' Facebook Group here - it is a great place to trade, buy or sell Strangeling pins.  Please take the time to read the pinned post at the top of the group for basic guidelines.
Your best bet is to join the official collectors' Facebook Group here - it is a great place to trade, buy or sell Strangeling pins.  Many Strangeling pin collectors from all over the world belong to the group, including folks who regularly attend Jasmine's live events.  They may have some of the exclusive pins from shows or countries you are unable to visit, and they may want to trade / buy / sell others!  Please take the time to read the pinned post at the top of the group for basic guidelines.  Another good idea is to join Jasmine's Patreon Pin Collector Tier at Patreon here - whenever Jasmine has extra pins left over from special events or exclusives, limited editions, etc. she randomly gives them away to the members of the Patreon Pin Collector tier as a monthly drawing, and it's a great way to scoop up rare items!
Yes! Firstly, Patreon Pin Collector tier members get at least one new Pin of the Month pin each month mailed to them automatically, along with free Patreon exclusive pins throughout the year.  Click here to sign up for the Patreon Pin Collector club. Also, I often have live events where I give away free pins as a promotion (for example, MegaCon 2017 in Orlando we gave away a free "Alligator Girl" Exclusive pin to the first 100 fans who came to my booth!). Keep an eye at the Events Calendar here at Strangeling.com and on our Events page at Facebook  for details about these events & more.  
The sky is the limit! I personally like to put mine on my purse or backpack. You can wear them on your shirt or jacket. They are AWESOME for lanyards (like those you see at Disney World, or the type you wear around your neck at ComiCon or DragonCon to hold your badge / ID / etc.). They fit nicely on hats & caps. There are wonderful cloth books that are made to hold pins so you can flip through them like a binder! You can get framed panels (trading pin display panels) to hang on your wall. They make great "flair" (think Office Space...). I've even seen people wear them on hightop sneakers. Very versatile, small, fit right in your pocket...
You can find my pins in our Amazon store here, our Etsy store here, and in our eBay store here . In addition you can purchase our pins at live events such as DragonCon, MegaCon, Naka-Kon, the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, etc. Jasmine will also have them at special events like the Avalon Faery Fayre, Three Wishes Faery Festival, Whitby Goth Weekend and other events where she may be a guest. Pop Gallery (located at Disney Springs West Side at the Walt Disney Resort in Florida) may have some soon as well. Keep an eye at the Events Calendar here at Strangeling.com and on our Events page at Facebook  for details about these events & more. Some events have "Exclusive" pins that can only be purchased (or might even be given away as freebies!) at that specific live event, so it is a wonderful opportunity for pin collectors. Please note that as these are not Disney© pins, they are not available at the Disney owned stores. If you are at Disney World however do drop by the Pop Gallery located at Disney Springs as they will carry the pins (since they showcase Jasmine's personal artwork.).
Don't worry, your pin backs are not "stuck!" Strangeling Pins use ultra-secure "pin-saver" locking pin backs! These are the safest and strongest pin backs around. There is a little bit of a trick to removing them, but it is well worth it. Just squeeze the middle barrel part of the pin back to release. No tools are needed, just squeeze with your fingers on either side toward the pin, in between the top disc and the bottom disk. The spring loaded internal mechanism holds your pin in place until you squeeze - releasing the spring to release the grip. Just slide it back on normally to secure the mechanism.
You can also use the rubber PVC standard backings (available for a few cents on Amazon, etc.) or most other backings for pins if you prefer, but these locking backs are by far the most safe & secure and will keep your pin from being lost even with regular wear on bags, backpacks & clothing. If you really do prefer them however you can purchase many types of pin backs for just pennies per piece on Amazon here.
Sadly, no. The way that we create the molds in metal and die-cut them don't make it possible to make just one special custom pin. In order to cover the cost to make the actual mold we have to do a minimum of 100 pins. Sorry about that!
The quick and easy way to tell is that it has ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith physically stamped into the actual metal from the mold on the backside. If you ever see anything fishy or think you bought a fake pin from somebody (gasp!) email Leonard my legal guy.
Maybe! I plan to create many many pins, especially of my own favourites. Since the pins are made and cast out of actual metal and enamel, some designs are better suited than others. We have to streamline some lines and details so that they are even visible at the .75" or 1" size, let alone feasible physically to create a line drawing out of metal. Since these are not printed or painted but are actual physical poured enamel we also have to simplify the number of colours we can use. I pick out each and every Pantone enamel shade by hand and put a phenomenal amount of effort & work into each one, so you can bet a lot of thought has gone into each colour selection! If you have a favourite painting, you are welcome to suggest it, and keep an eye out - it may be an upcoming new pin! The one thing I cannot do is make pins out of the paintings I have done for the Walt Disney Company, as they retain the reproduction rights for those paintings of mine. If Disney wants to make pins of them though they could (that would rock!).
Yes, I have plans for many holiday themed pins!
Actually yes, I am hoping to work with several charities and awareness groups to create pins as partial fundraisers, with a portion of the proceeds actually going to that specific group/charity. It will take a while for development & paperwork to get that sorted (there are legalities, etc.) but believe me, it is in the works!
No worries! We are happy to answer your questions. Just email us!

We use PayPal to process all credit card/debit card payments on our site, but you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to check out. PayPal allows you to check out as a guest in the modal checkout box that shows up when you click the PayPal payment button on our checkout form.

You'll enter your credit card information and billing address in the PayPal form, but at no point will you be made to create a PayPal account or log into a current PayPal account. To see a walkthrough of this process watch this short video:

Due to how some of our products are manufactured as well as packaging size restrictions, if you've ordered multiple items there's a good chance you may end up with items that ship separately. Our products are grouped for shipment in the following ways:

Enamel Pins, Vinyl Dolls, Lanyards, Books, and Original Sketch Cards

Enamel pins, vinyl dolls , and original sketch cards are ship from our warehouse location in Reunion, FL. If you order only these items, most likely they'll all be shipped in the same package as they are small.

Photo Glossy Prints, Open Edition Canvases, and Canvas Cuties

All of our fine art prints are now printed and finished by the fine art printing company we contract with. Prints are made to order and they are shipped directly from the printer. If you order several photo glossy prints or canvas cuties, they will likely ship together. If you order more than two open edition canvas prints, they will be shipped in separate boxes of up to two canvas prints each. Depending on how many canvases you order, you may end up with several tracking numbers. Because the fine art prints are printed on-demand, if you order a canvas print, the production time will be 3-5 business days. Shipping is 5-7 business days. So your order could take up to two weeks to be fulfilled. In the meantime, if you ALSO ordered an enamel pin, that should ship within 48 hours. So parts of your order may arrive within 5 business days while other parts of your order may arrive in two weeks.  
Every July we launch a new Anniversary Pin and gift it to any customer who places an order for $25 or more on strangeling.com. There are just a few rules about this offer which are listed below:
  • Your order subtotal BEFORE shipping cost must be $25 or more to qualify for the free Anniversary Pin.
  • Your order must be for physical, shippable products, so this excludes strangeling.com gift cards.
  • Anniversary Pins will be available through the month of July (July 1 - 31) or until we run out of pins, whichever happens first.
  • You will receive one pin per order that is $25 or over — not one pin per product ordered.
Any additional questions? Contact us.