Copyright and Usage

Email Me right away! I have legal representation retained for such matters and I will pass along the info asap. Thank you to all of you who look out for me =) If you have seen illegal or unauthorized use specific to my tubes and images for signature tags through CDO/CILM you can contact them at: [email protected] - they will handle that side of things.
The Visual Artists' Rights Act is a very helpful government document outlining an artist's rights to their intellectual property.
Any content on this website (images and text) may be shared and distributed freely as long as that content remains unaltered, is cited, and a link back to the original content on is included. Any reproduction of content from that does not abide by the terms outlined on this website is an infringement of copyright and may result in legal action.
I am incredibly flattered that you want one! Like my Fan Page on Facebook and post your tattoo photo and I’ll include it in the Tattoos album. Bring the print, book, sticker, or other picture you have my artwork with you to the tattoo parlour and have the tattoo artist work from that. Most tattoo artists are great artists in their own right and will do a great job from the picture. Please note that this is for PERSONAL use only. Also - I see a lot of my paintings tattooed on people in various monthly tattoo magazines. That is very cool! If possible though, when submitting your tattoo based on my painting to a magazine, please ask them to credit me, the artist, as well. Thank you!
If you are interested in featuring my work in your magazine or other publication, using my work for promoting your commercial endeavors, or using my images on your company’s products, please email me for details. Print reproduction without my written permission is strictly prohibited. If you would like to sell my prints or other products I create in your online or brick-and-mortar shop, please see the Wholesale FAQ tab for more information.
If you are simply interested in using my artwork to show off or display or decorate your website, MySpace, FaceBook, LiveJournal, etc. you are welcome to do so free of charge of course, as long as you follow the following restrictions:


No changing the pictures whatsoever. No animations, adding text, no sparkles, nothing. Sorry folks, if you want to do this, see the TUBES & TAGS section about licensing for tubes/tags. Just use the picture as shown, as I painted it, please. You can re-size it as needed for the space, but please do not change the image other than that.


I only grant display permission of the images of my artwork as shown here on my website,, complete with the ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith watermark text on them. I know, it can be distracting or blurry, but unwatermarked image use online has led me to multiple lawsuits and other copyright issues over the past few years, so I gotta say it. No scanning in other pics or snagging them from commercial sites, etc. For free display, I only allow use of the watermarked images from this site. Sorry to be a bother!


You will need to credit the following: ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith and a link (clickable if possible) to


If you are selling something — anything at all — I do not allow free display of my artwork. If you are interested in licensing my artwork for business use, contact me at [email protected].[/toggle] [toggle title_open="Close Me" title_closed="TUBES & TAGS" hide="yes" border="yes" style="default" excerpt_length="0" read_more_text="Read More" read_less_text="Read Less" include_excerpt_html="no"] I have a company handling my tubes and tags! I don't handle this myself, it is done through licensed use of my images for tubes and tags through the company CDO — Creative Design Outlet (they have taken over from the former CILM company) — a fabulous company that creates tubes from artists' works they have officially licensed, and they create packs of tubed art for purchase for online tag hobbyists. The tubes may be bought for a small fee, and downloaded directly from their site — small packages as well as individual images and custom packs. Once purchased, you have lifetime permission as long as you follow their terms and don't use the art for profit. This is the ONLY usage I allow of my artwork for tubes, tags, and other alterations. CLICK HERE to see my available images at CDO!! For ANY questions regarding usage of my images as tubes or tags, this is handled by CDO (not by me myself) and you can email them here: [email protected] or call them: Customer Service: (520)308-5633 To report copyright violations of unlicensed usage of my images as tubes or tags NOT with CDO or CILM, contact them here: [email protected]