Collectible Enamel Pins

Every July we launch a new Anniversary Pin and gift it to any customer who places an order for $25 or more on There are just a few rules about this offer which are listed below:
  • Your order subtotal BEFORE shipping cost must be $25 or more to qualify for the free Anniversary Pin.
  • Your order must be for physical, shippable products, so this excludes gift cards.
  • Anniversary Pins will be available through the month of July (July 1 - 31) or until we run out of pins, whichever happens first.
  • You will receive one pin per order that is $25 or over — not one pin per product ordered.
Any additional questions? Contact us.
No worries! We are happy to answer your questions. Just email us!
Actually yes, I am hoping to work with several charities and awareness groups to create pins as partial fundraisers, with a portion of the proceeds actually going to that specific group/charity. It will take a while for development & paperwork to get that sorted (there are legalities, etc.) but believe me, it is in the works!
Yes, I have plans for many holiday themed pins!
Maybe! I plan to create many many pins, especially of my own favourites. Since the pins are made and cast out of actual metal and enamel, some designs are better suited than others. We have to streamline some lines and details so that they are even visible at the .75" or 1" size, let alone feasible physically to create a line drawing out of metal. Since these are not printed or painted but are actual physical poured enamel we also have to simplify the number of colours we can use. I pick out each and every Pantone enamel shade by hand and put a phenomenal amount of effort & work into each one, so you can bet a lot of thought has gone into each colour selection! If you have a favourite painting, you are welcome to suggest it, and keep an eye out - it may be an upcoming new pin! The one thing I cannot do is make pins out of the paintings I have done for the Walt Disney Company, as they retain the reproduction rights for those paintings of mine. If Disney wants to make pins of them though they could (that would rock!).
The quick and easy way to tell is that it has ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith physically stamped into the actual metal from the mold on the backside. If you ever see anything fishy or think you bought a fake pin from somebody (gasp!) email Leonard my legal guy.
Sadly, no. The way that we create the molds in metal and die-cut them don't make it possible to make just one special custom pin. In order to cover the cost to make the actual mold we have to do a minimum of 100 pins. Sorry about that!
You can also use the rubber PVC standard backings (available for a few cents on Amazon, etc.) or most other backings for pins if you prefer, but these locking backs are by far the most safe & secure and will keep your pin from being lost even with regular wear on bags, backpacks & clothing. If you really do prefer them however you can purchase many types of pin backs for just pennies per piece on Amazon here.
Don't worry, your pin backs are not "stuck!" Strangeling Pins use ultra-secure "pin-saver" locking pin backs! These are the safest and strongest pin backs around. There is a little bit of a trick to removing them, but it is well worth it. Just squeeze the middle barrel part of the pin back to release. No tools are needed, just squeeze with your fingers on either side toward the pin, in between the top disc and the bottom disk. The spring loaded internal mechanism holds your pin in place until you squeeze - releasing the spring to release the grip. Just slide it back on normally to secure the mechanism.
You can find my pins in our Amazon store here, our Etsy store here, and in our eBay store here . In addition you can purchase our pins at live events such as DragonCon, MegaCon, Naka-Kon, the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, etc. Jasmine will also have them at special events like the Avalon Faery Fayre, Three Wishes Faery Festival, Whitby Goth Weekend and other events where she may be a guest. Pop Gallery (located at Disney Springs West Side at the Walt Disney Resort in Florida) may have some soon as well. Keep an eye at the Events Calendar here at and on our Events page at Facebook  for details about these events & more. Some events have "Exclusive" pins that can only be purchased (or might even be given away as freebies!) at that specific live event, so it is a wonderful opportunity for pin collectors. Please note that as these are not Disney© pins, they are not available at the Disney owned stores. If you are at Disney World however do drop by the Pop Gallery located at Disney Springs as they will carry the pins (since they showcase Jasmine's personal artwork.).
The sky is the limit! I personally like to put mine on my purse or backpack. You can wear them on your shirt or jacket. They are AWESOME for lanyards (like those you see at Disney World, or the type you wear around your neck at ComiCon or DragonCon to hold your badge / ID / etc.). They fit nicely on hats & caps. There are wonderful cloth books that are made to hold pins so you can flip through them like a binder! You can get framed panels (trading pin display panels) to hang on your wall. They make great "flair" (think Office Space...). I've even seen people wear them on hightop sneakers. Very versatile, small, fit right in your pocket...
Yes! Firstly, Patreon Pin Collector tier members get at least one new Pin of the Month pin each month mailed to them automatically, along with free Patreon exclusive pins throughout the year.  Click here to sign up for the Patreon Pin Collector club. Also, I often have live events where I give away free pins as a promotion (for example, MegaCon 2017 in Orlando we gave away a free "Alligator Girl" Exclusive pin to the first 100 fans who came to my booth!). Keep an eye at the Events Calendar here at and on our Events page at Facebook  for details about these events & more.  
Your best bet is to join the official collectors' Facebook Group here - it is a great place to trade, buy or sell Strangeling pins.  Many Strangeling pin collectors from all over the world belong to the group, including folks who regularly attend Jasmine's live events.  They may have some of the exclusive pins from shows or countries you are unable to visit, and they may want to trade / buy / sell others!  Please take the time to read the pinned post at the top of the group for basic guidelines.  Another good idea is to join Jasmine's Patreon Pin Collector Tier at Patreon here - whenever Jasmine has extra pins left over from special events or exclusives, limited editions, etc. she randomly gives them away to the members of the Patreon Pin Collector tier as a monthly drawing, and it's a great way to scoop up rare items!
Why yes there is!  Run by Jasmine herself & the folks at - you are welcome to join the official collectors' Facebook Group here - it is a great place to trade, buy or sell Strangeling pins.  Please take the time to read the pinned post at the top of the group for basic guidelines.
If you really plan on getting them all, definitely join the Pin Collector's club up at my Patreon - click here . There are some pins that will only be available to Patreon members, such as "Alice in Clockwork", and each month you get one or two new pins shipped to you for free. The Patreon Pin Collector tier is $25/month and you also get an additional 10% off whenever you buy pins at
Patreon is basically a private fan club. Many artists, celebrities & musicians have Patreon pages where fans can sign up to get special access, freebies, discounts, sneak previews & content that is not available to the public. For specific info click here  to see my Patreon Page. The Patreon "Pin Collector's" Tier at Patreon is $25/month, and those Patreon Pin Collectors get free pins not available to the public that are never for sale, a 10% discount on any additional pins, the new Pin of the Month pin automatically shipped to them each month, previews of pins before they are released, and more. I also do fun giveaways at Patreon for original paintings given away each month, sneak peeks on projects and paintings before they are shown to the public, etc. Many tiers from $1 are available, it is worth every penny even if you ever bought just one single pin or print! It is an international club, you can live anywhere in the world.
We always release a new open edition "Pin of the Month" here at once per month (usually on the 15th). These are designs for everybody to order, open edition, available to all. In addition to the monthly Pin of the Month we also release many special pins - limited edition pin sets, exclusives for events, Patron exclusives and more. Bookmark our Pins Page here at and check back to see what is new! You can also get sneak previews privately through Jasmine's Patreon (as well as Patreon exclusive free pins, discounts on pins & more) click here.  
You can see all of my official pins in the Collectible Enamel Pins product category here at Be sure to use the arrow buttons to see "Next Page", etc. to see them all.  
No, so far Disney has not made any pins of the artwork I have done for the Walt Disney Company. Disney owns the reproduction rights to all of the Disney artwork I do for them. All of these pins here at are pins we have made ourselves with my personal artwork and designs. Maybe someday Disney will want to make pins of my Disney artwork (that would be cool!) but so far they have not done so. Since these are not Disney pins you cannot trade or sell these at Disney World or at Disney-specific pin trading events.
Like all small and sharp pieces of metal, pins may not be suitable for small children. Small pieces of metal can constitute a choking hazard, and the back of the pin is very sharp and pokey. Please supervise children and be responsible!
We would be happy to talk about wholesale orders for the pins! Most designs are available if you are purchasing in bulk. Please note that you will need to have your business information and tax ID handy. Email Jasmine and she can help point you in the right direction depending on the situation and quantity.
Be sure to check our Pins page here at We have a listing of all my official pins that we have created so far. Be sure to use the "Next Page" arrows to see more! Each pin's page should have details to add to your shopping cart or information about past or future availability. It could be that the pin you are looking for was a limited edition and is sold out and there are no more left to buy. It may be that the pin was an Event Exclusive and is not for sale (for example the MegaCon 2017 Exclusive pin was "Alligator Girl" - she will not be for sale, she was just given away to guests at MegaCon 2017 as a special surprise!). It may be that the pin is a Patreon Exclusive and is only available to the Pin Collector Fan Club up at Patreon (for details click here  or scroll down for more Patreon Pin Collector questions). Some pins may be exclusive to certain stores such as the Pop Gallery at Disney Springs. Again, details about availability will be on each pin's page here at . If a pin has been sold out, retired, or the event for it has passed you will only be able to find these pins by trading with other fans/collectors or by finding them second hand on eBay or other secondary markets. Searching "Jasmine Becket-Griffith Pin" up at might be a good start!
My pins are metal pins are made of lead-free iron alloy. They are molded with a die cutting machine, and soft enamel is poured into the metal creating a very tough, sturdy and beautiful design image. It is all one solid piece, not a decal or a print, but actually shaped and poured metal and recessed enamel.
It depends on the design of the pin. Here at we will mention in the pin's description the size of that specific design. Just about all of them are between .75" to 1.75" (around one inch to an inch and a half, mostly).
Once we have sold out of our current inventory, the website puts that pin on "backorder." This means that you can still place an order, but we here at will have to wait a little while to make more pins and get them packed up to fulfill your order in the next shipment. A backorder basically reserves your pin as soon as we get more in stock, it may mean just a day or two later than usual or possibly a few weeks at most - typically we should have that information for you on the pin's detail page or when you place your order.
The cost of shipping will depend on how many pins you order, where you live (what zone, zip code, country, etc.), and if you are ordering any other artwork items, books or prints along with your pin at the same time. You will be shown your shipping charges during checkout BEFORE you are charged, so you will clearly see the costs and options displayed in your shopping cart. We use software and the shipping cost is precisely calculated by the computer based on distance, weight, and size of the packaging, insurance and tracking. Don't worry, we never add on any silly "handling" fees, we literally charge exactly what the Post Office charges us.
Individual pins come on a backing board (branded with the Strangeling logo and copyright info) in a sealed plastic bag. Limited Edition Pin Sets come all together on one postcard-sized board (usually with colourful graphics) and are numbered according to their edition (such as #042 / #250) and are also sealed in a plastic bag. When shipped they are carefully packaged & cushioned (exterior packaging depends on the number of pins and other items in the order).
Don't worry, we ship the pins ANYWHERE in the world! You can order right here at
Much like with my prints and artwork, we have Open Edition and Limited Edition pins. Open Edition means that there is no limit to the number of pins available. If an Open Edition pin sells out on we will simply make more and let you place a backorder to be in the next shipment. Limited Editions however have only a certain number of pins made (usually 100 or 250) and then the mold is physically destroyed/demolished so that no more pins of that design can ever be made. Once these sell out, they are all gone. Limited Editions are numbered on their backing board.