Patreon is basically a private fan club. Many artists, celebrities & musicians have Patreon pages where fans can sign up to get special access, freebies, discounts, sneak previews & content that is not available to the public. For specific info click here  to see my Patreon Page. The Patreon "Pin Collector's" Tier at Patreon is $25/month, and those Patreon Pin Collectors get free pins not available to the public that are never for sale, a 10% discount on any additional pins, the new Pin of the Month pin automatically shipped to them each month, previews of pins before they are released, and more. I also do fun giveaways at Patreon for original paintings given away each month, sneak peeks on projects and paintings before they are shown to the public, etc. Many tiers from $1 are available, it is worth every penny even if you ever bought just one single pin or print! It is an international club, you can live anywhere in the world.