Patreon is basically a private fan club. Many artists, celebrities & musicians have Patreon pages where fans can sign up to get special access, freebies, discounts, sneak previews & content that is not available to the public. For specific info click here  to see my Patreon Page. The Patreon "Pin Collector's" Tier at Patreon is $25/month, and those Patreon Pin Collectors get free pins not available to the public that are never for sale, a 10% discount on any additional pins, the new Pin of the Month pin automatically shipped to them each month, previews of pins before they are released, and more. I also do fun giveaways at Patreon for original paintings given away each month, sneak peeks on projects and paintings before they are shown to the public, etc. Many tiers from $1 are available, it is worth every penny even if you ever bought just one single pin or print! It is an international club, you can live anywhere in the world.
Free 25th Anniversary Pin with orders $25+*

Now through July 31st

*gift cards excluded