I currently am BOOKED UP for private commissions through mid 2021. At this time I am NOT accepting new custom paintings for individuals or portrait commissions until I have finished those for waiting customers on the list!

If you are a company interested in publishing, merchandising or licensing however, please email me with your proposal. I regularly work on commissions, portraits, and custom paintings, and am happy to consider any freelance illustration or design opportunities. I require 50% of the total up front to cover material costs and as a deposit. 100% client satisfaction is my ultimate goal. I am a full-time artist and at any given time I am usually working on commissioned projects, so I typically have quite a waiting list. Please be sure to contact me with plenty of time in advance of any deadline. From conception to shipping I can usually finish a piece within a few weeks, depending on size and level of detail. I first and foremost am a fantasy artist (gothic and faerie themes dominate most of my original work), and pieces in these genres will be given priority. Please familiarize yourself with my style before contacting me - I mostly accept commissions that are done in the style of my original work.

My current pricelist is as follows:

  • 12"x16"............$6800
  • 16"x20"............$8400>
  • 18"x24"............$13000
  • 24"x30"............$18000
  • 24"x36"............$25000
  • 36"x48"............$38000


Please do not ask for smaller paintings, or drawings, sketches, etc. This is a rough pricelist based on a standard acrylic painting on masonite panel (my preferred medium - 99% of the paintings here on my site are painted in this manner). Prices listed include all materials (for acrylic paintings on masonite), multiple revisions as necessary, and insured Priority Mail or UPS shipping. At this time I am not accepting commissions for murals or any kind of "on-site" paintings. I do not design logos, do graphic design or computer art - all of my work consists of original full-scale acrylic paintings. For privacy and security issues I will not paint models in person at my residence or elsewhere. I do offer significant discounts for commissions of multiple paintings. Please let me know if you are interested - I am very much a professional, and am excited to work with new people and ideas!