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Yes, yes it is. I have all kinds of little mini prints and other types of prints that I sell ONLY at art shows. That's part of what makes coming to one of my appearances a bit special - you can get things there you can't get elsewhere. To find out where I’m appearing next, check out the Events page
Yes! Here on, eBay and Zazzle! To see Zazzle’s current sales and get their coupon codes, click HERE! Then just go to my Zazzle print store and enter the coupon codes during checkout. They really have some great sales, and often!
On this website, I offer both my Open Edition prints (glossy photo paper) and my Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas Prints. Those are the only types we sell from the website. We do have several other sizes that we offer exclusively at our brick-and-mortar shop at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and at festivals and conventions.You may also want to visit my Zazzle print store. The Zazzle print store prints ship separately from prints - they are made by the Zazzle factory printers and they have a phenomenal amount of choices, sizes, frames, etc. Also, Pop Gallery and WonderGround Gallery have many exclusives and large format canvas giclees of mine.
Yes they are! Here are the differences:

Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvases

Ships from me, made at my house Ships from Zazzle factory, made by Zazzle's printers
Hand-embellished by me, with acrylic paints - each print is unique Not hand embellished
Signed & Numbered, Limited Edition Not signed or numbered, Open Edition
Maximum size 11"x14" Maximum size 78"x60"
Only glossy finish Choice of finishes, glossy, matte, etc.
Stretched, gallery wrap-style, with black sides - ready to hang! Multiple framing and matting options, can be ready to hang!
11x14 Canvas costs $125 11x14 Canvas costs only $55
  To order canvases from - just visit the Fine Art Prints section of my site, and browse for the painting you'd like. You can shop by category or you can do a site search by keyword. Not all prints have available Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas Prints available. Some have sold out (as only 25 are available of each piece, ever! Once they are gone - they are gone!). If you see that a print only has Open Edition prints as an option, it is likely because the Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas Prints have sold out.To order canvases from Zazzle, visit my Zazzle print store - click on the painting you'd like a canvas for, and it will take you to that image's page. In the upper right hand corner, you will see a box that says "print options". The first option is "Size" (pick a size), but after that is an option called "Media". Click Media. There are four options, two of which are canvas - you can select Platinum Matte UV Canvas or Platinum Gloss UV Canvas - some folks prefer not-so-shiny, some folks prefer shiny. I prefer shiny =) Then you can add the framing or matting elements under the third option, Framing.Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney has many exclusives and large format canvas giclees of mine.

Limited Edition vs Open Edition

These prints are Limited Edition, which means that only a limited number are ever made - in this case 25 prints. No more than 25 Hand-Embellished Canvas Prints will ever be made of any one of my paintings. Once those 25 prints are sold - that’s it! Open Edition prints are unlimited in quantity. I will print as many as people would like to purchase.

Canvas vs Glossy Photo Print

Basically these are archival quality prints that are printed onto a sheet of real artist's canvas (Fredrix Canvas - the same brand I paint my original paintings on!). Printing on canvas allows for the art to be stretched over a frame, which you couldn’t do with the Glossy Photo Prints. Also, printing on canvas gives greater durability and creates a final piece that looks more identical to the original work.

Hand Embellishing

After the artwork has been printed to the canvas, I then go ahead with my usual acrylic paints and paint brushes and hand embellish each print individually, adding highlights and details in acrylic paint. This makes each canvas just a little different from the rest. I also hand-sign and number the prints in paint. I then paint each piece with a glossy giclee UV varnish which seals in the paint and inks. The print is then heat set at a high temperature to keep the ink from fading and making it water-resistant and very glossy! These beautiful and unique works of art truly are the next best thing to owning an original painting. Even as the actual artist myself, I find it difficult to tell the difference between one of these gorgeous prints and one of my original paintings!!! Please note - the Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas prints here at are the ones I make myself - do not confuse these with the canvas options at my Zazzle print store. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. Read more about the differences in the question below.
All of the Glossy Photo Archival Prints I sell directly on this website are what are called "Open Edition" prints. Open Edition prints are prints that I can reproduce at my discretion and are not limited in number. My Open Edition prints are photo prints in full colour on glossy photo-quality paper. They are vibrant, detailed prints taken directly from my original paintings. They are made in Overland Park, KS, by my sister Amber and her husband Chris with HP Vivera photo inks that are Archival and should last a hundred years!
For the most part, we offer two sizes — 8x10 and 12x16. Those are the dimensions for the PRINTED AREA of the paper. The prints all have a white border of at least ½ inch. The papers themselves are 8.5x11 and 13x19. We also have some oddly sized and shaped prints dependent on the original’s size and shape. Some are ovals or long panoramics. I keep the prints proportional to the original paintings though (I don't crop or stretch things, of course not!) - so if the original painting was long and skinny, or an oval shape, or a very horizontally wide painting, etc. - the prints will be too. The dimensions of the printed area of each product should be indicated in the product’s description tabs on each product page.
The maximum size limit for the prints we make ourselves, available here on, is 13x19. We can’t print any larger than that. However, if you would like a larger sized print or poster, you can order through my Zazzle print store - their printers go up to 78" and most of my prints can be ordered there in sizes from 11x14 all the way up to big 60x78 prints. They also offer framing and different paper types than I can offer. If you are looking for jewelry, statues, and other items, please check out my Etsy store, Strangeling Art Emporium on Ebay, my Zazzle Store, or check out the products offered by the companies through which I have licensing agreements. You can find links to those companies in the footer of this website.
Over the years I have been asked repeatedly by all of you for FRAMED or MATTED or READY-to-HANG artwork! And I understand completely - it is nice to receive artwork that is ready to just hang right up on the wall, without having to worry about buying a frame or taking it to a frame shop. Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas Prints come stretched over a frame and ready to hang. Read more about that process in the Prints & Originals tab above on this page. We do not offer matting, framing or other ready to hang options for any other products at this time. We simply do not have the facilities or materials available to offer this for all our products. While we cannot offer custom framing direct from, My Zazzle Print Store has custom matting and framing options available. There are many frames and mats to choose from and a variety of sizes, too - up to 78" - practically mural sized - great for really creating a striking ambience in a room! I have ordered from Zazzle myself when I want prints framed. It's cheaper and easier than having it done elsewhere or doing it myself, and the results are great! Also, Pop Gallery and WonderGround Gallery often have ready-to-hang exclusives. You can check out what is currently available through Pop Gallery and through WonderGround Gallery.
It depends. I sign all of my Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvases on both the front and back. Because these prints are made at my studio in Florida, I am able to add custom messages. For custom messages on Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvases, simply note it in the Note field when ordering and then send a follow-up email to [email protected] with your order number in the subject line as well as “CUSTOM MESSAGE”. The follow-up email will make it less likely that we’ll miss your request. I cannot add any custom messages to the Glossy Photo Archival Prints as those orders are fulfilled by Chris and Amber from our Overland Park location and I am often not there. These prints DO COME SIGNED, however. I usually sign these prints in batches, in advance of orders, whenever I am back in the Kansas City area visiting. I’ll spend hours in a row sometimes just signing prints as I DO want all of my customers to at least have my actual signature on their prints. Sadly, adding custom messages is just something I am unable to do for those products. I also cannot sign prints ordered through Zazzle, Amazon,, or other third-party vendors, because those ship from their factories/printers - not from my living room like the prints. However, you are welcome to bring a print or any other product you have purchased online to any event where I am making an appearance and I will sign it for you in person.
Wonderful! I license a lot of my art, and I also sell my prints wholesale. Just click on the Licensing or Wholesale tabs above on this page for more information!
It may still be available. Just email me with the title or basic description.
Currently I am booked up for 3 years with a waiting list, so not at this time. However you can click on the Commissions tab above on this page to find information on commissioning work from me.
Originals are often available at Pop Gallery in Orlando, FL, and WonderGround Gallery at Disneyworld in Anaheim, California, as well as conventions such as Dragon Con. For upcoming exhibitions and appearances, please check the Events calendar. You can see all currently available original paintings (via website or my galleries) on the Originals Page Here Many original paintings are available here on eBay Auctions usually begin at just one penny, with no reserve! If you are interested in being notified of when new originals and other artwork is available, you can join the mailing list by entering your email address in the form in the footer of this site.