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It is a long process, beginning first with my sketches or paintings. Sculptors then begin in clay and I approve the clay stages. After my approval, resin (or whatever material the collectible is) production begins. Following the resin casting, there are the painted versions for me to approve, and then the edition begins and they collectibles are made and shipped. Even if you have seen the virtual pics online or in ads, it may be many months before the actual products appear for ordering online, on eBay or imported into secondary markets. So if you see a picture or ad I have posted online for example, just wait awhile before expecting to see somebody selling it online or on eBay! You may see others you want to order in the meantime.

If you can’t find something you have seen an ad for, another case may be that the item has sold out. Limited Edition means exactly that - quantities are limited. Sometimes only a small number of a collectible may be made, which means you are less likely to find them on the websites and may have to resort to second-hand or resellers or eBay. Very small or short editions can be very rare and valuable to collectors.

PLEASE NOTE - I do not have my Bradford Collectibles in stock nor am able to sell them at any time.

As the artist, I only get one or two of each collectible, and I keep them for myself! If I am lucky enough to get two, I give the spare to my mom or my sisters or something. I can't order them for your or on your behalf, I am sorry. And again - emailing me doesn't help as far as ordering Bradford collectibles - you will need to contact them directly! Even just to tell them that you wish they offered a certain item in your country, or if you have suggestions for them - they always appreciate your feedback. If they get enough requests they may even change things for the better or be more accommodating in the future. Thank you so much all - I hope that this page has helped a bit!
Did you try emailing and calling everybody above? Another option is eBay! Some folks order the Hamilton and Bradford Collection collectibles and sell them (usually new, still in the packaging) on eBay and many will ship all over the world! Here's a quick search link to get you started - try different key words and advanced search options on and you will most certainly find even more. Click HERE to do a quick search on eBay Also, Burning Desires in Canada sells many of my statues and may be able to ship to your country. Still can't find the figurine you're looking for? It is probably just a matter of TIME. You may have seen the virtual images of it online and it still hasn't even gone into production. The test-marketing and advertisements may start many months before the factory produces and ships the collectibles. Another option to consider (I know many folks do this!) - get a friend, internet buddy, or penpal who lives in the US or any of the other countries where the official Bradford site or catalogue ships to, and have them order for you! Be sure to cover their shipping costs and expenses. Maybe you can return the favour by sending them treats or products available only in your country.
I know many of you live in countries all over the world - and I'm very happy that people everywhere appreciate my work and want my collectibles from the Bradford Group! Now, I don't work for the Bradford Group nor do I have any sort of say in how the company is run in different countries, or what their shipping policies or international availability are. Even if you send me sad emails, I don't have any access to information other than what you see on the internet yourself, I am sorry! However, I have made the following handy list to do my best to help international customers get in on the collecting!

First things first — here's the lowdown: In the beginning, my Bradford collectibles go through several stages of availability over many months. First they are test-marketed in select areas determined by the Bradford Group. If things go well, they then begin accepting pre-orders through the mail, telephone, and on their website(s). These stages originate here in the US. Then after the pre-ordering stage, the collectibles slowly start being available in other ways, on the International Bradford websites (see below), through some mail and phone orders in other countries, and finally (and importantly) through re-sellers, second-hand sellers, and various affiliates.

Before we begin, StrangelingUK and Strangeling Art Emporium are two places to look first. Both retail the Bradford Group/Hamilton collectibles directly to the public!

Okay now, the best, most efficient way to collect my Bradford Collectibles is to go to the source - the official Bradford International Websites. Not every country has their own Bradford website yet, but they are working on that all the time. Even if your country doesn't have an official Bradford website - don't worry - there are other options too, so keep reading. PLEASE NOTE: many of the official international sites may not yet have my items on the website, it takes months sometimes to get them up there. However you can EMAIL or CALL them and they can sometimes hook you up! Here is a list of some of the official international websites (click the links, search "Jasmine" - or else just go to their Contact Us pages to get the email or phone numbers to ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith collectibles):

United Kingdom: (search Jasmine)

Italy: (search Jasmine)

Australia: (search Jasmine)

Austria: (search Jasmine)

Canada: (search Jasmine)

Finland: (search Jasmine)

Germany: (search Jasmine)

Sweden: (search Jasmine)

Switzerland: (search Jasmine)

And just in case - United States: (search Jasmine)

Again - those websites above may not yet technically have my products there, but if you CALL them on the phone or email them — look at their Contact pages and FAQs — you may be able to order on the phone or by mail. If not, pass on the word that you want them to stock up on Jasmine Becket-Griffith collectibles, and maybe if enough folks ask, they will start offering them! Again, emailing ME doesn't help - I don't have any say or access to anything you don't, lol. I'm just the artist!
I was emailed by one of the representatives one day and asked if I would be interested in doing some co-branded projects with Disney, and I said "Yes!" I'm a big Disney fan! We have more Disney things planned, but it is not up to me which ones are picked. Hopefully lots of them!
To be certain, please contact 1-877-268-6638 (toll-free) or on their website contact form HERE.
Personally I have no idea nor access to any information why a certain product is not available. There are a plethora of reasons, and I am not told specifically (remember, I'm just the girl who designs, paints and licenses these cuties!). It is probably because of these following reasons though:
  • Many of my statues & other collectibles are Limited Editions. This means that they eventually run out! That's what "Limited" means =)
  • You may have pre-ordered something that was part of a "Test Market" and after the initial test-market it may have been discontinued
  • They may have simply SOLD OUT and are ceasing production
  • There may have been some sort of quality or shipping issue with the factory or distribution that was not resolved and the item(s) is no longer available
  • Sometimes items may be seasonal or only available for a short time
  • During development, sometimes a collection or collectible may run into some sort of snag and will be re-released later in a slightly different format (such as a doll originally intended to be vinyl may be canceled and later re-released in resin as a separate thing all together)
At any rate - I (as only the artist) am not privy to the specific reasons, nor would I have any sort of information beyond that which you receive via notifications from the Bradford Exchange, the Hamilton Collection, Ashton-Drake, etc. Only the folks THERE can tell you the most current information - 1-877-268-6638 (toll-free) or on their website contact form HERE.
No, as much as I would like to, I can't paint each one individually. Often they sell tens of thousands of an individual statue, and it would take me many lifetimes of working 24/7 to keep up with that, hehe. So basically I do the original artwork and paintings, and then trained artisans complete the resin castings for the Limited Editions. They do this all by hand, even hand-setting tiny jewels and gems, hand dusting the glitter, etc. - they do a phenomenal job!
Actually, typically most collections are currently still in production and are on-going, so I do not know the finite number. I'll typically have finished or approved a whole bunch of designs, and I won't know which ones Bradford/Hamilton decides will make it into the collection as finished statues. So I am definitely NOT the person to ask. Occasionally though the folks THERE can tell you - 1-877-268-6638 (toll-free) or on their website contact form HERE.
Oooh! Luckily I can certainly help you there! Up on my Facebook Page I typically post several new projects a week right HERE in my New Bradford Group Projects Folder. This is the place to go to see my new collections and get your pre-order numbers in before the general public. Yay!! I even show in-progress sculptures & paintings in my Works-In-Progress Folder. In fact, just go to my Facebook Page and check in every day and see new stuff every few hours sometimes, hehe.
No, I'm just a lowly artist myself, I have nothing to do with that end of the business. I have no secret "ins" or strings to pull, I am sorry! How did I get licensed? One day out of the blue I got an email from one of their representatives asking if I would be interested in licensing my artwork with them, and that's pretty much it.
The Bradford Group does a lot of direct mail advertising through various channels, media ads, magazines, newspapers, mailed brochures, etc. I get them in the mail a lot myself, lol, even for my own stuff! If you don't want them mailed to you, you can use their website contact form HERE. Or - if you WANT to get on their mailing list and DO want to start getting ads, previews, special deals, etc. - you can register at here!
Yes, you may order just one issue from most collections by calling 1-866-907-3607. A Bradford Group representative will gladly take your order. You can also order one at a time from Strangeling Art Emporium when they have them for sale.
No, I do not have Bradford statues or other licensed merchandise here. If I want them, I'd have to order them from the Bradford Exchange myself, lol. I do not know what their policies are on selling the statues wholesale, but you can contact them by calling 1-877-268-6638 (toll-free) or on their website contact form HERE.
No, I'm sorry! I do not have the statues here at my house! I wouldn't have room, hehe. To be completely honest I try to get one of each statue for my OWN collection. I decorate my house with them. Most of them are on shelves in my living room - only ONE of each though, and sorry - you can't have mine! As the artist I usually get two of each as samples - one for me and any others end up with family members. I don't have extra ones at all, and don't have them here to sell. You need to order them from the Bradford Exchange directly.
Nope! Once again - I just design the characters and create the initial artwork that is then licensed to the Bradford Group. The people to call are at 1-877-268-6638.  I may have designed it years ago even, hehe - the manufacture, ordering, shipping and distribution, or information regarding any of the foregoing, are not things I have access to. Let's draw another silly parallel - for example, let's say you purchased a Stephen King book at If you then emailed Stephen King himself, he would not be able to give you the tracking number for your package. I'm in much the same boat - hope that makes it clear =)
Unfortunately, I can't help you with that! PLEASE FOLKS, keep in mind that I just design the collectibles, dolls, paintings, statues. I ONLY design them. I do not have any control over or information regarding availability or discontinuation of ANY product. I have absolutely no information regarding which items are sold out. I do not stock or sell these items, nor do I have any information about whether something is back-ordered, shipped, canceled or anything like that, whatsoever. The Bradford Group does not supply me with any of that information nor do I have the time or resources to make those inquiries. The only people who can help you with information regarding Bradford Group products is the Bradford Group. The people to call are at 1-877-268-6638. I do not work for the Bradford Group. I just design the characters and artwork and they license those images and characters from me. To cite a rather silly parallel - if you were wondering why a specific Hannah Montana doll was no longer available at your local Wal-Mart, if you emailed Hannah Montana (aka Miley Cyrus) and asked her - she probably would have no idea, as she just licensed the doll with her image. You would, of course, contact the seller or manufacturer for information and not Ms. Cyrus herself. Hope that makes sense! You - the customers - usually have more information than I do, so please contact Bradford Group to answer any questions related to their Jasmine Becket-Griffith licensed products.
Easiest is to order online - click HERE to see what they have of mine at (however, many new products are not yet on their website - it often takes months before they get up there!)

The next best way is to CALL on the phone: 1-877-268-6638 (toll-free). Have the item number and title of the product ready (and the brochure, if you got it in the mail). To see a listing of various products that may not yet be on their website, look at my Facebook album HERE for new things to pre-order!

Another way is to order through the mail! If you received a brochure or card or saw a magazine ad - just fill out the form and send it in!

My sister, Amber, and brother-in-law, Chris, have a shop on eBay that occasionally stocks statues. Check those out here: Strangeling Art Emporium

In the UK, visit StrangelingUK

Also, Burning Desires carries many of my statues and figurines.
I do not work for Bradford, nor do I stock the collectibles, ship them, or have any inside info regarding orders placed, billing, shipping, timelines, policies, or ANYTHING like that. I just do the original artwork that inspires the collectibles and Bradford licenses those images from me for their product lines. If you have questions regarding Bradford/Hamilton policies, questions about your order, product info, shipping info, timelines, billing, availability, etc., you will need to ask the customer service folks at Bradford! You can CLICK HERE to contact them online, or call them at 1-877-268-6638. More products are on their way, so keep your eyes peeled!