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Jasmine’s on TWITCH! New Coloring (and Grayscale), New Paintings, Alice Oracle, BOOTS, Pins & more….

Updates from Jasmine!

Once again we have a record-breaking mailing list update.  So much exciting stuff has been happening.  Sit back, have some tea, and enjoy all the good news and pretty pictures =)

Firstly – I’m on TWITCH here!  We had a special “test episode” a few days ago for patrons, and my official first public broadcast will be this Sunday, April 8 at 5PM Eastern Time.  It’s free!  Many more details follow in this update below.  Basically you can watch me paint live from any computer or phone/device and chat with me & Matt while I work.  You can see the “test” episode here to get a good feel for it.  Effectively it is like “The Joy of Painting” but instead of Bob Ross you get me, lol.

I have new paintings to show you!  All of the originals have been (gasp!) SOLD, but prints & other good stuff are available for all of them.  A Dragonling Valentine,” Alice’s Prize,” and “Ursula” (available through Disney, details here and more info below in this update).

My “Alice:  The Wonderland Oracle” deck is coming out soon and is available for pre-order!  Worldwide you can order from Blue Angel Publishing here (they’ll get it in May).  USA Customers can order cheaply from Amazon here  (they say September).  BookDepository won’t get it until autumn but they offer free worldwide shipping here.  We’ll eventually have autographed copies later this year at .  Even better – we are having  an autograph/release party on June 30 at Pop Gallery at Disney Springs here in Florida and will have the decks in stock for me to autograph there too!  Details about the event are here.

We have TONS of new coloring pages including GRAYSCALE coloring pages up at my Patreon!  These are all exclusive to my Patreon, not found in my coloring boosk, so they are completely different.  And yes – we have 13 grayscale designs (for those who prefer grayscale coloring pages already shaded) as well as 13 traditional lineart designs.  All for the $5 pledge here (if you are already a part of our coloring tier at Patreon you can see all the coloring pages, old & new and lineart & grayscale all here).  Basically whenever we release a lineart we’ll release a grayscale so everybody is happy, hehe =)

The good folks at Spooky Kook have just released two new lines of my merchandise – BOOTS (they look a lot like Doc Martens, that type of style, and are cruelty-free) with my artwork here (not all these are my designs as this link is just for the boots in general, but they have several) and also wooden bookmarks here– they are located in the UK but ship worldwide.

We have loads of collectible enamel pin news!  The new glow-in-the-dark Patreon Exclusive “Releasing Fireflies” can be seen here!  If you can sign up for the Pin Collector Club through my Patreon here and you  will automatically receive “Clockwork Dragonling” (almost finished!) along with the Patreon-only pin “Releasing Fireflies” and you’ll get each new Pin of the Month as they are released (along with Patreon-only pins and exclusive bonus pin giveaways, discounts, and more).  We are releasing a new Strangeling Lanyard too and you will receive the lanyard (and any new lanyard designs we come out with automatically!  We have also made our official MegaCon Event Page here with details about “Earth Angel,” “Orange Blossoms,” and “Venus” (the three MegaCon Exclusive Giveaway Pins).  Scroll down for more info.

Whew! – and that’s it!  Now scroll down to see it all!

Jasmine is now on Twitch!

First Official Broadcast Sunday April 8 at 5PM EST HERE

My first “official” Twitch paintcam broadcast goes live this Sunday at 5PM Eastern Time here:    – please join me!  Twitch is free and everybody is welcome.  My username is:  JasmineBecketGriffith   (easy to remember!)

I’ll be painting live & chatting all evening.  We had a “soft opening” a couple days ago for my Patreon Patrons – it’s now available to the public if you’d like to  watch the archived video here!

Again, my first “official” broadcast is this Sunday at 5pm EST – bookmark it or “follow” me up there and check in at 5pm Eastern time this Sunday!  Not sure if I’ll be working on Monarch again or if I will have finished her by then and starting something new…..  we shall see 😉

Twitch is free, you can watch it either on your computer here –  or on any phone/tablet/device etc. with an App too (free App in the App Store).  You don’t have to sign up for anything to just go to the website & watch.  If you would like to join in on the chat room you can make an ID up there (it is still free), or you can just lurk and watch without talking or asking questions ;P

See you on Sunday!!!  Our official “grand opening” broadcast will be a bit snazzier with some light chamber music playing and Matt will have his own mic set up, etc. – the first night was mostly for us to figure out how the broadcasting worked and to have fun chatting with my Patrons =)

Tons of New Coloring Pages!

Patreon Exclusives – now also grayscale options!
Join Patreon here (already a Patron? Click here)

I’ve got a ton of new Patreon-Only Coloring Pages available to download!
New images includ: Mechanical Angel I, Heart of Nails, Kirin & Bakeneko, Guinevere Had Green Eyes, Flower Dragonling & more

In ADDITION to the traditional lineart formats we also now have GRAYSCALE TOO for each of my Patreon Coloring pages.  Only $5 gets you ALL the pages to download as much as you want, past and present, and you can always just join for one month if you want and download them all, lol (I recommend sticking around though, ‘cos Patreon is awesome).

If you’re already a 5+ Patreon Patron you can see ALL 13 (26 total, including Grayscale) Exclusive Coloring Pages here

If you haven’t signed up yet – just click the “Become a Patron” orange button here
you can begin downloading the coloring pages immediately.  There are other subscription tiers like the Patreon Pin Collector membership & tons of other stuff too, check it all out at my Patreon here.

What is grayscale?  Basically it is like a black & white photograph of a painting.  Instead of just the outlines (like a traditional line-art coloring book) a grayscale coloring page shows all the shading & depth of the original painting.  It’s great for transparent media like watercolours, acrylics, colored pencils, digital & more.  If you Google “grayscale coloring” you’ll find loads of groups & tutorials.  Don’t worry, we’re adding grayscale format in addition to our usual lineart formats, so it’s an extra bonus, not a replacement.  This way everybody is happy =)

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Original Acrylic painting 16″x20″ $7200 SOLD
Prints and merchandise available at Disney & worldwide online here!

My Ursula has popped up at Disney’s WonderGround Gallery! And there are also many ways for everybody worldwide to order her too, all the details are here – just keep reading =)

They have her as prints, postcards, limited edition framed canvas giclees, coffee mugs, and possibly other merch too.  I just paint the picture, I don’t sell them (Disney makes & sells all official Disney stuff).

If you live by Disney (assuming they don’t sell out earlier that day and need to re-stock, she is very popular and they can hardly keep her on the shelves!) you can find Disney’s WonderGround Gallery in Florida at Disney Springs at Disney World, and at Downtown Disney in California at Disneyland.

This is the painting I painted LIVE at my Take Over show a few months back at Disneyland =) The original acrylic painting was sold then, but now they have the prints & such – yay!

Can’t come to Disney in person? Don’t worry, there are many many options for folks WORLDWIDE for international shipping:

A. Order online via local third party Disney shopping services such as YourWDWStore here – basically they live near the parks, they pick up the merchandise and mail it WORLDWIDE. They have access to TONS of my Disney stuff and are very nice.

B. LOADS of Disney locals are selling them on eBay already. These are not me, these are just random people who buy stuff at the themeparks and re-sell on eBay. Usually they cost a bit more, and their own individual store polices may vary as far as shipping and payment options, but just go to eBay and search: JASMINE BECKET URSULA and you will find many things, mugs, limited edition framed canvases & more – all official ©Disney merchandise purchased from Disney and being re-sold or auctioned. Lazy? Click this link here and it will search automatically for ya!

C.  Also check the “Shop Disney Parks” App (download it free from the App Store) – she might be there (I have an old junky phone that isn’t fancy enough to get the app, or I’d check myself, lol).  It usually takes a while before new images pop up on the App though, or so people tell me.

Want your Ursula signed? The Lt. Ed. Canvas giclees have already been signed by me (Disney mails them to my house, I sign them, and then I mail them back to Disney HQ in California, and then Disney mails them back to Florida to the Gallery, lol).  So all Limited Edition Ursulas have already been signed by me.  Alternately – come to my April 21st OR my May 19th event at Disney Springs’ WonderGround Gallery at the Marketplace Co-Op! I’m happy to sign yours there, I’ll be there from 4-7pm those two Saturdays (I go there about once a month since I live nearby).


Alice:  The Wonderland Oracle

Pre-order on Amazon here (US) and Blue Angel here (worldwide)

I’m pleased to announce the upcoming publication of my “Alice:  The Wonderland Oracle” deck!  You can pre-order NOW (details below) or for you Florida folks alternately we’ll be having a release party for the deck at the Pop Gallery at Disney Springs on June 30 (details here)

As it’s published originally in Australia, they tend to get their stock in first at the publishers’ own webiste (Blue Angel) – you can pre-order worldwide here for MAY 2018 here or in the UK/International for September here , in the US here for September up at Amazon (for cheaper) here and soon we’ll have autographed copies at my Strangeling website (will be a lot more since I have to first buy them and ship to Florida and then ship to KS and then ship to customers, lol – but hey – they are autographed!) for worldwide shipping too. ESTIMATED shipping date is September 2018 – could vary on either side of that.

Again though, we’ll have the autograph party too at the Pop Gallery at Disney Springs June 30 and we’ll have a bunch of early copies in stock there.  In fact, if you want an early one that is autographed you can call/email Pop Gallery and they can reserve one for you either in person OR they can mail it worldwide after that night’s event 😉  Details here .

The entire oracle deck is Alice in Wonderland themed, featuring my artwork on ALL the cards, instructional booklet by the magnificent author Lucy Cavendish. I have been working on this for five years and am SO PROUD of how it turned out. Speaking of which – we’ll have a corresponding Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book in the works too! Both the coloring books and the oracle decks will be at bookstores worldwide, Book Depository, Books a Million, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, all the usual suspects, ANYWHERE in the world.

“Alice’s Prize”

Original Acrylic painting 4″x6″ $1300 SOLD
Prints available here

Prints now available from $13.99 here – we ship WORLDWIDE.

“Alice’s Prize ” – this is just a small illustration for one of the cards in my upcoming Alice in Wonderland Oracle Deck (the FINAL illustration!), but so many of my followers asked me to offer prints of her, so I’ve up-sized her a bit to make a lovely full sized print of her – turned out adorable. She is indeed the very last illustration for my “Alice in Wonderland” Oracle Deck – specifically for Card 13 – “Everybody has won, and all must have prizes!”

This is from the part of the book after the Caucus Race where Alice is presented her prize (a thimble!) by the Dodo! It has a subtle palette and a sort of “Hudson River School” style landscape in the distance. The original painting SOLD in advance to one of my Patreon Patrons before she was available to the public, but we have open edition glossy paper prints as well as Limited Edition Canvas prints all at my website.

All are at my website here
and on Amazon here
and on Etsy here
We also have them available in our eBay stores (price may vary since shipping is included up there!)  here

“A Dragonling Valentine”

Original Acrylic painting 4″x6″ $1300 SOLD
Prints available here

Prints now available from $13.99 here – we ship WORLDWIDE.

“A Dragonling Valentine” – another little painting of mine, but I decided to offer prints of her based on demand, so I’ve up-sized her a bit to make a lovely full sized print of her – turned out super cute!

The original painting SOLD in advance to one of my Patreon Patrons before she was available to the public, but we have open edition glossy paper prints as well as Limited Edition Canvas prints all at my website.

All are at my website here
and on Amazon here
and on Etsy here
We also have them available in our eBay stores (price may vary since shipping is included up there!)  here

Boots & Bookmarks?  Yes, boots.

All at SpookyKook!  Worldwide!  Boots here, bookmarks here

GORGEOUS high quality boots featuring several of my designs are up at SpookyKook – vegan friendly, super sturdy, licensed with my artwork =)

Click here to see!

(not all these are my designs as this link is just for the boots in general, but they have several)

Spooky Kook is a UK brand but they will ship WORLDWIDE (including the USA of course). Made from faux nubuck quarter, translucent raw rubber sole and breathable foamed insole. Faux-fur lined collar and faux-suede lining. Four designs! “Heart of Nails” as a greyscale design, “Heavenly Nightshade,” “Bringer of Lightning,” and “Mermaid with Cephalopods” in full colour – all turned out lovely =) Questions about ordering, shipping, sizing, paying, product questions, etc. – contact Spooky Kook at the link above.  So proud of these! Cruelty-free, no animal products!


The same company also makes these lovely wooden bookmarks, also with my artwork (again, shipping worldwide):

Click here for the wooden bookmarks!

(not all these are my designs as this link is just for the bookmarks in general, but they have several)

Strangeling Pins!

See all my pins so far here

We’ve got SO many exciting things happening in the world of enamel pins!

Firstly – the new Patreon Exclusive pin is in stock – “Releasing Fireflies” and she GLOWS IN THE DARK.  She is so cool.  If you are alrady a Patreon Pin Collector, your “Releasing Fireflies” will be shipped mid-April along with your April Pin of the Month.  The April Pin of the month will be Clockwork Dragonling, we are finishing her up soon.  If you aren’t a Patreon Pin Collector yet, hurry and sign up here so you’ll get “Releasing Fireflies,” “Clockwork Dragonling,” and also the new Strangeling Lanyard all at once!

You’ll also get the new Pin of the Month each month, additional Patreon Exclusive pins, chances to receive Event Exclusives & more.

Speaking of Event Exclusive Pins – I have just announced the three new pins for MegaCon!  Each will be given away free with any purchase at my booth.  These are the new MegaCon Exclusives:  “Earth Angel,” “Orange Blossoms,” (a collaboration between myself and fellow MegaCon artist Carrie Hawks) and “Venus.”

The specific schedule for the pin giveaways (which ones, how many, which days) are up on my MegaCon Event Page here  (each day we’ll be giving away 50-100 pins starting each morning when the show opens, so come early).  We’ll also have other freebies like reusable shopping bags & bamboo fans, etc.

Strangeling’s Big Annual Sale, Jasmine’s Vampire Chihuahua, Disney Events & more!



Big news today!

It’s our annual BIG SALE up at – 25% OFF all our prints, canvases, masterpiece & limited editions (wow!) with coupon code THANKS2016 .  Worldwide shipping.  More details below – sale runs through the end of Monday.

UK folks – is also running 25% OFF their site with the same code!

People’s Choice Apparel here is also running a 25% OFF sale with their own coupon code BLACKFRIDAY25 for my T-shirts, shirts and throw blankets (including new special edition Christmas blankets with my holiday artwork).

In other news – I have two shows at Disney Springs coming up soon!  Next Saturday, December 3rd from 4-8pm I will be at Marketplace Co-Op’s WonderGround Gallery, and then Saturday, December 17th I will be at Pop Gallery for my “December Dragons” show – details about both events are here

Next up – a new painting!  Featuring a Vampire Chihuahua (yes, you read that right!) and it is super cute!  She is the result of one of my customized Faces of Faery auctions, so the original is sold, but we have prints of her here

In other news – Blue Angel Publishing and I have developed the new “Jasmine Becket-Griffith Creativity Journal” – you can see the first several pages as a sample PDF here It’s a super neat product, a combination of a blank lined journal filled with full colour paintings and lineart of my paintings along with quotes I myself have selected, 220 pages in all.  It’s just popped up for pre-order on Amazon here or if you live overseas and want FREE worldwide shipping, go through Book Depository here.  It will be available in the next month or two (even though Amazon is quoting much later for some reason).

And finally in other publishing news, Schiffer Publishing is releasing the Second Edition run of my “Beautiful Creatures Tarot” with  JR Rivera and this one is GILDED (fancy gold edges!). It is the same basic deck, but with a handful of new card images, some bonus cards, etc. and the accompanying book guide is now in FULL COLOR. If you loved the first edition, this one is even better. If you missed out on the first run edition, buy the new Second Edition NOW, it is a gorgeous product. Will be out early next year and you can pre-order on Amazon here or if you live worldwide you can order from Book Depository here

Jasmine’s coming to Stranger Factory in Albuquerque!

Updates from Jasmine!

Thank you all who came out to my shows at Disney these past couple weeks!  We all sure had fun!

I’m on my way now to my very first show in the Southwest – June 3rd in Albuquerque, New Mexico I will be at Stranger Factory!  I’ll be at the gallery from around 6-9pm, details are here.  I will be debuting four new original paintings (see below for details), we’ll also have many beautiful canvas giclees, prints, etc. and I’d be happy to autograph / sign anything you bring with your or that you buy at the gallery.

In other news – I’m giving away another original painting TONIGHT in a Patreon giveaway!  You still have time to sign up, as long as you are a Patreon member by 8:00PM EST tonight (May 31st) you will be entered automatically.  Winner is chosen by random number generator.  Subscription starts at just $1.  Click here for details (and click the orange “Become a Patron” button to join!) or scroll down for more info.

And finally – I’ve been working hard on a lot of new paintings.  New Disney pieces for my Disneyland show this summer, and new originals for my solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery in July as well.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram – (ID:  Strangeling ) – to get daily updates on my works in progress!   You can see some if you scroll down through this update.

Jasmine’s Halloween Coloring Book, upcoming shows, Faerytale Oracle & More!

Updates from Jasmine!

I have been SO busy lately, and thus have a lot of exciting stuff to share today!

Firstly – I have a TON of upcoming shows.  This weekend I have two events – this Saturday(the 21st) I’ll be in person at Disney’s Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs here in Florida from 4-8pm – details are here.  Also this weekend in Kansas City  I’ll have a booth at Planet ComiCon in the Vendors Area (booth #1225, May 20, 21, 22nd) with tons of artwork, books, merchandise, etc. – I myself will of course be in Florida doing my Disney show at this time, but my sister Amber will be running my booth details here.  Next weekend, May 28 at Disney Springs but this time at Pop Gallery I will be having a launch party event for my Faerytale Oracle Deck – details are here (I’ll be there in person from 6-9pm).  And then on June 3rd in Albuquerque, New Mexico I will be at Stranger Factory debuting some new paintings & prints, I’ll be at the gallery from around 6-9pm, details are here.  And no – I will sadly not be at MegaCon since they changed the dates they ended up interfering with all my other shows I already had scheduled.  I will return to MegaCon in 2017 though!

Secondly – My HALLOWEEN COLORING BOOK. Yes, you can pre-order now!  Out in September, you can pre-order an autographed copy directly from me and I’ll ship ANYWHERE in the world – click here to order an autographed copy.  Want it cheaper but don’t need it autographed?  It’s popped up to at the USA Amazon website here.  You can also order (from some countries) at Llewellyn here.  Soon it will be on all book selling sites and bookstores worldwide.  This book is awesome!

Thirdly – My FAERYTALE ORACLE DECK.  Yes, you can pre-order this now too!  Out in June, you can pre-order an autographed copy directly from me and I’ll ship anywhere in the world –click here to order an autographed copy.  It is also available worldwide (but not autographed) at Blue Angel Online here and in the US on Amazon here.  It’s on the various international Amazon sites too.  Or come to Pop Gallery for the launch party, buy yours in person & I’ll autograph it for you May 28 details here

Fourthly – videos!  I’ve finally gotten a time-lapse video app that works with my ancient cell phone, and have decided to start posting time-lapse “speed paint” videos.  I’m planning on doing this once a week or so.  I’ll be posting snippets like this one here on my Youtube, Instagram, & Facebook, and I’ll soon be posting FULL videos on my Patreon here as part of the “behind the scenes” content for those in the $5+ subscriptions.  If you’d like to get in on these & the behind-the-scenes content, early previews of paintings, etc. sign up at Patreon here

Fifthly – One Fantastic Workshop!  I’m teaching my first workshop this November 17-20th (all details are here) at “One Fantastic Workshop” in Nashville! They are now accepting installment payment plans for students with a May 31 deadline (Sept 21 for full payment). It’s going to be – fantastic! Myself, Stephanie Law, Samuel Flegal, Peter Mohrbacher Ron & Vanessa Lehman, Kelly McKernan Cavanah, Sean Murray & more will be instructors. Room & board included, hands-on painting workshops, lectures & discussions on art, art business, networking, licensing, all things art and art-industry related – all skill levels are welcome. Details are at the link above and also on my own event page I made for it here – there are a LIMITED number of spots for students, so signing up sooner rather than later would be a good idea.

And finally – I’ve been working hard on a lot of new paintings.  New Disney pieces for my Disneyland show this summer, and new originals for my solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery in July as well.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram – (ID:  Strangeling ) – to get daily updates on my works in progress!   You can see some if you scroll down through this update.

Halloween Coloring Book!
Pre-order WORLDWIDE autographed copies here
Pre-order cheaper non-autographed at Amazon USA here

I am so excited!


Absolutely gorgeous, same format & publishers as my first coloring book.  This one however is comprised of my Halloween paintings – fun & spooky!    Traditional Halloween witches, pumpkins, autumn fairies, vampires, werewolves, trick-or-treating, gothic finery, candy corn, black cats & more – everything I love about the Halloween season.  96 pages thick, 55 different pictures in all.

Out in September, you can pre-order an autographed copy directly from me and I’ll ship ANYWHERE in the world – click here to order an autographed copy.

Want it cheaper but don’t need it autographed?  It’s popped up to at the USA Amazon website here.

You can also order (from some countries) at Llewellyn here.  Soon it will be on all book selling sites and bookstores worldwide.

Don’t have my first coloring book?  You can order the first book from the publishers here WORLDWIDE or still get autographed copies of the first book shipped WORLDWIDE from here. Also at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, etc.

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Faerytale Oracle – autographed copies available for pre-order now!


My Faerytale Oracle Deck is now available for preorder! We have a limited number of these coming our way this June for shipment from us here at  Click here to pre-order!

Alternately – if you are in the Disney World area on May 28th – drop by Pop Gallery that evening at Disney Springs – I’ll be there autographing and throwing an early release party for the Faerytale Oracle Deck at the gallery. Details about the event are here.

Jasmine’s at the KC Renfest now! New Giveaway, ACEOs, Birds & Beasties & more

Updates from Jasmine!

Been very busy this past week!

We’re getting ready to head out for the Kansas City Renaissance Festival (Details are HERE).  I will be there IN PERSON this weekend (September 26-27) and the following weekend (October 3-4) and weather permitting, I’ll be PAINTING at my easel out front!  Building 251, kinda by the Joust.  This weekend is Steampunk themed, so if you come by this weekend wearing steampunk inspired finery/accessories show them to us and you can pick out a FREE 4×6 print!

I’ve been painting up a storm!  All of the pieces I’m currently working on are destined for my Birds and Beasties solo show opening in Seattle’s Eight and Sand Gallery on October 10th (I’ll be there! Details are here).  I’ve posted some work-in-progress photos later down in this update.  (Members in the 50+ subscription of my Patreon page here can preview the fully finished framed paintings before the show opens, click here for details).

I have new ACEO cards up for auction!  I only make one of each, and I always start the bidding at just one penny each up at eBay to give everybody a chance.  ClickHERE to see them all.

In other news, I’m giving away an autographed copy of my “Beautiful Creatures” Tarot set this Sunday night, picking a random Patreon patron that evening. Details below further down in this update, or on my Patreon feed here.

On our way to the UK! Disney Co-Op, Canvas Sale, Mermaids….

Updates from Jasmine!

Exciting stuff is happening!

I am now on my way to the UK for my two events – the Avalon Faery Fayre in Glastonbury (October 25-26 – details here) and the Whitby Goth Weekend (November 1-2 – details here).  If you’re in the UK come out & say hi!

Vacation Alert:  Since I’m overseas, the Strangeling eBay store is in Vacation Mode.  All paid orders have now shipped.  All other new payments on Strangeling eBay items or new website orders for Limited Edition Canvases will ship upon our return, November 5th.  eBay store/fixed priced listings will magically appear upon my return.

As usual, since the store/buy-it-now items are on hiatus, we are instead running a ton of new “Penny Auctions” for limited edition canvases on eBay HERE.  Every night I’m gone I’ll be listing new canvas auctions – all starting at a penny!  These will all ship as soon as we’re back, and you might get a bargain 😉

Thank you all who came out for the launch of Myths & Mermaids: Oracle of the Water!  We had an amazing show!  If you missed out, we have a few of the signed decks (autographed by me & my two sisters, the co-authors) up at now here

Two Limited edition canvases – “Clockwork Dragonling” and “Mermaid with a Golden Dragon” are now SOLD OUT.  The final canvas in each edition is now up for auction here – LAST CHANCE!

And in other news – Florida folks (or those of you visiting Disney World) – mark your calendars for this November 7 & 8 – I’ll be doing a special event with my Disney artwork at Disney’s Marketplace Co-Op store – details are here.

Bon Voyage!  Emails, correspondence & order processing will resume when I get home on November 5th.  Stay tuned up at my Facebook while I’m gone – I’ll be checking in & sharing some new art & projects while I’m away!

October 18 – Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney

TOMORROW at Pop Gallery

October 18th is The Launch Party for my Myths & Mermaids Deck! Details HERE

Pop Gallery is at Downtown Disney in FLORIDA

My next Oracle Deck “Myths and Mermaids: Oracle of the Water” is up for pre-order now at Amazon! Click HERE to see!

We’ll be having the official “launch party” on October 18th at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney here in Florida (details are HERE), both my sisters Amber & Kachina (authors of the book for the deck) will be there too to sign autographs, etc. Amazon is shipping much later, so those of you who come get it at Pop Gallery on October 18thwill be getting it much sooner!  Can’t make it in person?  If you call the gallery – (407) 827-8200 – they can snag a signed copy at the show & mail it to you afterwards (signed by me & both my sisters – and yes, they ship worldwide!).

This deck focuses on Water – the sea, mermaids, mythologies of water, sirens, nymphs, sea creatures & more. Stay tuned early next year for my other upcoming decks – “Fairytale Oracle” with Lucy Cavendish, and “Beautiful Creatures Tarot” with JR Rivera!

Big update! New Stilleven & Tableaux, Custom Paintings, Tarot Project & Open Edition Canvases

New Stuff – big update today!

So much new stuff to show you today!
I have two brand new paintings (from my Stilleven and Tableaux Vivants series), a new Custom Painting opportunity up for sale, a work-in-progress sneak peek for another custom painting, yet another exciting Tarot project, and possibly the BEST news of all – we have now introduced  Open Edition Canvases to for all of the sold out canvases.  That means if you missed out on the Limited Editions, you can now buy an open edition of all your favourites, with a signed COA.  Be sure to scroll down to see all the new stuff!

“Stilleven VII:  Bloesem”

10×12 Original Painting $3300 SOLD Prints & Canvases are HERE

“Stilleven VII: Bloesem” is the seventh in a series of works I have planned that feature “deconstructed” elements of still lifes inspired by the Dutch master painters of the 1500-1600s, along with lovely girls, faeries & nymphs (of course!). Stilleven is Dutch for “Still Life” and “Bloesem” means “blossom”. A lot of beautiful flowers in this one (tulips, irises), some grapes, and a skull for vanitas – all popular elements included in famous Dutch still lifes. This is my own original acrylic painting, hand painted on panel. Original painting has sold, but we have prints & canvases available! You can choose between large or small signed glossy paper prints ($9.99-$19.99 on sale this week) or the 11″x13″ Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas Prints (ready-to-hang!) for $125 – using the drop-down box under the Fine Art Prints options here: Prints & Canvases</p>We are happy to ship worldwide!

Prefer eBay? The small signed prints are here and the larger ones are here.
& also up at my Etsy store here The Limited Edtiion Canvases are also up in my own eBay store right HERE

Be sure to check out my entire series of “Stilleven” paintings – there are seven so far, and you can see them here.

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

“Tableaux Vivants II: Roger & Angelica”

12×16″ Original Painting $4500 SOLD , Prints & Canvases are HERE

The second in my “Tableaux Vivants” series (living pictures) – a surreal incorporation of my traditional female figurative portraits along with tiny magical scenes from historic or mythological imagery seemingly come to life. This painting is inspired by the 1819 Ingres painting of the knight Roger saving the princess Angelica from the sea monster (just saw it at the Louvre) with a rococo portrait – might be one of my favourites so far. The original has been sold, but the next best thing – the Limited Edition Canvas prints are now available for $125 each, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered out of 25, wrapped on boards & ready-to-hang, 11×14″. These canvases can be purchased at here (just select the Lt. Ed. Canvas option under the Fine Art Prints dropdown box).  Also on this page you can purchase the 8×10″ and 12×16″ glossy paper prints (signed by me on the back) – HERE</p>Prefer eBay?  The Lt. Ed. Canvas Prints are HERE

And also on eBay, the glossy paper prints are signed on the back by me:
8x10s are HERE and 12x16s are HERE

Want the set of both Tableaux Vivants together?

The set of BOTH Tableaux Vivants signed prints together are up as a sale set on eBay, too – the 8×10 set for $20 here andand the 12×16 set for $40 here

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Your own CUSTOM painting!

6″x6″ Original $1600 – Faces of Faery – you tell me how to finish her!

These are always such fun!  Basically an unfinished painting from my Faces of Faery series. Whomever purchases her will get to tell me how to finish her – what colour hair/skin/eyes, theme, background, wings/jewelry/tattoos – maybe a small pet – whatever we can fit into the 6×6″ original painting. Details are in the eBay listing HERE

Here is a sneak peek of the previous Custom Painting that I’m working on right now!  The winner of this one decided she wanted an Elvish girl with a baby dragon, she’s coming along nicely:

And here are the results of some of my previous “Custom” Faces of Faery:

78 Tarot Project!

The 78 Tarot Project Kickstarter is now LIVE – reserve your deck HERE

This is the deck featuring 78 different artists, for which I painted the “High Priestess” Card – my Loup-Garou: La Grande Pretresse piece with the wolves. Myself, Larry Elmore, Meredith Dillman, Delphine Griffin, Tanya Bond, Tiffany Toland-Scott, Carrie Hawks so many great artists are in it – representing many genres and media.
You can even see a short video of me discussing the project HERE (scroll down to the “Meet some of the Artists” YouTube Video)

There is a special Jasmine Becket-Griffith package as part of the Kickstarter – the $250 level gets a limited edition canvas of my High Priestess painting as well as aspecial card deck that has my painting on the cover (and additional rewards too).

The Kickstarter runs for 30 days to raise the funds for the publication, so any little bit helps. Definitely take the time to look through the kickstarter page, there are videos, previews of all the cards, a website showing all the artists, and more. Every dollar helps, and a $45 pledge gets you the deck, shout-outs on the website, and additional rewards, definitely check it out.  Every dollar helps, and there are a lot of wonderful people who have worked hard on this project – please share with any Tarot lovers in your life!

Speaking of Tarot – be sure to pre-order my “Beautiful Creatures” Tarot Deck – it is up on Amazon HERE and will be published in December.  78 Cards all with my paintings!

Open Edition Canvases now online!

For the first time ever, Open Edition Canvases are now online HERE

Did you miss out on your favourite painting as a Lt. Ed. Canvas? Good news! We now have the OPEN edition canvases (with a signed COA) up at HERE .
They have been added up there for ALL of the Limited Editions that have sold out. These are like the ones we have at the Renaissance Festival, art shows, etc. – on the deep stretcher bars, 12″x16″ (or 8×10 or 10×10 depending on the painting), they are remarqued with my initials on the front and come with a signed certificate of authenticity, truly the next best thing to the Limited Editions.

These are only available online once all the Limited Editions are sold, and are priced at $125 (or $95 for those that are 8×10 or 10×10). Yes, we ship worldwide. We will continue to add Open Edition Canvases as more Limited Editions continue to sell out. These are not numbered, not hand embellished, not limited in edition, but they are quite nice and come with the signed COA, so they are definitely the next best thing if you missed out on the original or the limited editions.

The Open Edition Remarqued Canvas option is on the Dropdown box on each image at the link HERE

Work in progress, trilobites


Work-in-progress! This painting features one of my favourite creatures – trilobites! I collect their fossils, and enjoy painting pictures of them. This beauty loves them too – this painting is for another oracle deck project, this deck is all water-themed, being written by my two sisters Kachina Glenn and Amber Logan & being published by Blue Angel Publishing. This piece is definitely coming along nicely, but many hours still to go – I’ve only roughly painted in the trilobites and still have a lot of work to do on her hair & face – If you are interested in the original painting, contact me at [email protected] – I am taking names for the “first dibs” list for direct sale from me, the artist. This original painting is acrylics on an 16×8, panel, will come gallery cradled – 2″ deep wooden sided masonite panel, and will be priced at around the $3300 mark depending on how long it takes me to finish. Collector inquiries will be given preference based on chronological order of contact, please put the words “Original Painting Inquiry” in your subject line so we are sure to see it!