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Jasmine in California! Also tons of new paintings, pins, videos, sculptures, events and Disney stuff….

Updates from Jasmine!

It’s my biggest, craziest, and best update ever! So much has happened over the past few weeks – and so much is happening right now – and so much is about to happen – sit back, grab yourself a cup of tea or glass of wine and enjoy all the eye candy and exciting news.


I’ve just finished up doing the January/February International Festival of the Arts on behalf of Disney at Epcot – what a wonderful show – thank you all who came out to see me!  You can now order prints & merchandise with my Festival debut paintings (“Cruella,” “Cinderella Leaving the Ball” and “Princess Tiana”) either from Disney in person or online with worldwide shipping here at YourWDWStore– three of my best Disney pieces yet!

I’m headed to California March 8th & 9th and will be doing three different autographing/meet & greet appearances in Anaheim.  Friday March 8 I’ll be at Downtown Disney’s WonderGround Gallery from 6-9pm (free, no tickets needed!).  Then Saturday morning March 9 I’ll hop over to Disney California Adventure Park to sign autographs as part of Disney’s Food & Wine Festival at the pergola signing area from 11am-1pm (this is the one inside the park so you’ll need admission if you are at DCA).  Then Saturday afternoon (right after that, lol) I hop back over to Downtown Disney to the WonderGround Gallery for a 2pm-4pm autographing session there too (again, free, no tickets needed).  Disney will have a bunch of my new Disney character artwork & merchandise available!  Details on these and other upcoming events are here.

Kansas City folks – you are in luck for March!  Naka-Kon (March 15-17 – in Overland Park – details here) my sister Amber & her husband Chris will be setting up a Strangeling Gallery booth with loads of my artwork & merchandise (including pins, autographed stuff & other rarities) on my behalf.  Then I myself come to KC March 29-31 for Planet ComiCon/Spectrum Fantastic Art Live – with new original paintings, a huge booth, a special pin (“At the Easel” – an Event Exclusive!).  Details about Planet ComiCon/Spectrum are here (yes!! They’ve combined so that Spectrum Fantastic Live is the official art show pavilion within Planet ComiCon at Bartle Hall, so hundreds of amazing artists from around the world will be there).

I have a new series of paintings – my “Resurrected” series up available as canvases & prints (originals have already sold) at here!

Pin news! It is now March, and we have a new Pin of the Month – “Voodoo in Violet” – she will be shipping out automatically to you Patreon Pin Collectors early this month, or alternately she will be available mid-month to the general public in the Strangeling Pin Shop here .  In the meantime you can snag our new “Heart of Nails” pin hereif you haven’t yet!   Alternately if you sign up for the Patreon Pin Collector tier here your collection will start with Voodoo in Violet as soon as she is in stock (any day now) along with the nearly-extinct “Strawberry Cupcakes” and the current new Strangeling Lanyard will all arrive immediately as your first installment!  We will also have a new Patreon Exclusive pin – “Luna Moths” (she glows in the dark!) available in time for March shipments, so now is a GOOD TIME to join the  Patreon Pin Collector tier here.  We’ll also have a “self-portrait” pin called “At the Easel” that will be a special Event Exclusive pin for Planet ComiCon 😉  If you are interested in collecting pins, definitely join the  Patreon Pin Collector tier here and you can also trade/buy/sell at the free Strangeling Pins Facebook Group here

Coloring book folks – my new Alice in Wonderland coloring book is in the works, slated for an early 2019 publication date with my usual publishers (Blue Angel!!).  In the meantime we have TONS of completely new coloring pages (around 35 I think?) all both traditional lineart & GRAYSCALE up at my Patreon!  These are all exclusive to my Patreon, not found in my coloring books, or anywhere else so they are completely different.  Download all of them and print them on any sort of paper/canvas/board you like!  All for the $5 pledge here (if you are already a part of our coloring tier at Patreon you can see all the coloring pages, old & new and lineart & grayscale all here).  Basically whenever we release a lineart at Patreon we release a grayscale so everybody is happy, hehe =)

I have been broadcasting a lot of LIVE studio sessions from my easel that are available to watch for free up at my Twitch channel!  You can watch the recent archives here (you don’t have to sign up for anythin’!) and you can find even earlier/older broadcasts exported to my YouTube archive here.  I’ll be back broadcasting live from my studio easel this Sunday March 3rd starting at 3PM Eastern Time (NOON Pacific Time, 20:00 UK Time) – mark your calendar or set your phone reminder, you can watch me paint up on my public Twitch channel HERE (it’s free, all are welcome).  You can just lurk privately or you can make a free account to chat & win prizes & talk with me & stuff.  I’m up there once or twice a week and am always happy to answer any questions, talk about art, technique, etc. while I’m painting.


I have a new figurine set that is a collaboration between myself, the Walt Disney Company, the Hamilton Collection & Disney’s Alice in Wonderland films…. and they are ADORABLE!  They are literally just now starting to accept the pre-orders so they are on the USA Hamilton Collection website at the moment – if your computer/phone/device is located in the USA currently you can click this link HERE and pre-order!  (Don’t worry, if you live outside the US you’ll be able to order worldwide once the production starts this summer, from sites like Enchanted Treasures Gifts here – they’ll pop up there later).

UK folks – I’m coming to the Tintagel Fairy Fayre on May 4th!  I’ll be there in person, in Cornwall at the fair and we’ll be debuting a new print and also a free Event Exclusive Strangeling Pin based on my “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” that I painted this last weekend – you can see me paint her and listen to us talk about the upcoming festival on the archived video (free for all to see) here and you can find out more about the event, links, etc. on my Tintagel Event Page here!

Woooo, I think that’s enough for now – you can always stay tuned up at my Instagram here , my Facebook here, my website here,  my Twitch channel here and better yet my Patreon (best of all) here – I post everywhere just about every day, whether it be photos, video, sneak peeks or progress-pics so you can stay in the loop despite the algorithms! 😉

Jasmine in Seattle & California, Free Pins, New Artwork, Perpetual Calendar, ACEOs and more!

Updates from Jasmine!

Big update today!

Firstly – we still have some of the free 20th Anniversary pins for the giveaway!  We’ve already given out nearly half of them, so the sooner you can get an order in – the better (they will probably not last for the full month unfortunately, they are going fast!).  We are including a free “Time Flies” pin in each order over $25 placed at for the month of July (or while supplies last, I made about 200 of the pins).

Next up – we are currently on our West Coast summer tour!  TONIGHT (July 8)  I will be in Seattle for my appearance at the Insectarium group show at Eight and Sand Gallery (part of Georgetown’s Art Atttack art walk) – details are here – I’ll be there from 6-9pm tonight (Saturday) in person, details are here.  I have new original paintings (four full sized, two Tiny Treasures), prints and canvases there and I’m happy to autograph anything from the show or what you bring with you from home.

July 13, 14 & 15th I will be in Anaheim, California for Disney’s D23 Expo, debuting my new “Princess Aurora” painting for Disney!  Details about the specific signing/autograph events & painting debut are here.

The evening of July 15 in Los Angeles, I have a new original painting  “Poissons Volants: Les Poissons Roses” debuting at the Corey Helford Gallery downtown.  It is part of the group show “Defying Gallery” – I am not “officially” doing a live autograph signing, but I will casually be dropping by for the opening that evening for at least a bit (just with friends to check out the show) – if you see me, say hi!  =)

We return July 17 from the west coast, so in the meantime if you place an order for an original painting or for a limited edition hand embellished canvas in the next week or two we will have a short delay (as I have to wait until I’m back in my studio to ship those personally!) – everything else though (prints, pins, books, etc.) will be shipping as always with no delay.

Next – I have a new painting to show you!  The piece I did for the Three Wishes Faery Festival is now available as prints & canvases (the original painting has been SOLD).  You can order those here at (and remember, if you order more than $25 you’ll get the FREE Time Flies anniversary pin!).

Speaking of original paintings, I have been working on several new ones for upcoming gallery shows and for DragonCon!  Check out my Instagram (ID: Strangeling) or Facebook here to see these works-in-progress.

Another new project I’m happy to announce is my PERPETUAL CALENDAR – an enormous project consisting of a perpetual calendar with 60+ tiles (including special event tiles for birthdays, seasons, etc. with my paintings on them) and 12 handpainted figurines – all on a specially-built calendar shelf.  Perpetual calendars can be used year after year, as you arrange the days of the week, holidays & date yourself with the tiles – super neat.  It is in the pre-order stage so it is currently first available to USA customers at the Bradford Exchange – you can order here.  Live outside the US?  Don’t worry, after the release it will pop up at the international shipping site Burning Desires here later this year after the release for worldwide shipping anywhere on the globe.

And finally – ACEOs!  I have a bunch of new ACEO cards up for auction on eBay, each starting at literally one penny, each one will be popping up a different day this week while I’m out of town click here to see them all…… I will be back home in time to ship these out with no delay.

Updates from Jasmine!

Exciting stuff happening around here!

I’m back from Costa Rica – had a WONDERFUL time.  Now I’m home & headed for Epcot for the International Festival of the Arts.  I have four more appearances there- tonight (February 10) 5-7pm at the Pop Gallery Tent, tomorrow (February 11) 5-7pm at Disney’s WonderGround Gallery Tent, and then the same again next weekend (February 17 & 18th).   Click here for event details!

“Bosch Princess” is my newest original painting!  The original painting sold at my New York show, but we have the prints & canvases of “Bosch Princess” up on here, from $9.99 . We also have the #1 (of only 5 made) giant 24×18″ Masterpiece Edition Canvas up for auction here
More Disney news – my latest Hamilton Collection Disney project is PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN! Officially licensed with Disney, we’ve designed a set of figurines of my girls dressed up as the Pirates characters – US customers can reserve/pre-order yours today here starting with Captain Jack Sparrow’s figurine =)

In other good news – “Marie Masquerade” is this week’s sale print!  Only $9.99 for prints, open edition canvases only $90 this week here

And finally – I have a bunch of new ACEO cards up for auction, each also starting at just one penny.  Tiny 2.5×3.5″ art trading cards in the form of hand embellished canvas giclees – each is signed, dated, hand accented & numbered (numbered only #1 of 1, since  only make ONE) in acrylic paint – you can see this new collection of cards (some you have never seen before!) here on eBay.

And yes – the Epcot International Festival Of The Arts continues!  I will be there in person for four more dates – February 10, February 11, February 17 and February 18th.  Even when I am not there in person, my artwork will be!  Basically I’ll be either at the Pop Gallery tent (with my personal artwork) on some nights and then at the WonderGround Gallery tent (with my Disney character art) on other days.  Click here for event details.

California folks – I’m coming soon – March 4 I’ll be at Disneyland’s WonderGround Gallery to release my new “Ariel” painting, my new Haunted Mansion “The Bride Returns” painting, and also my very first special edition 9″ Vinylmation featuring my new “The Bride Returns” – very exciting!  Details here

Jasmine’s “Empress” Tarot, “All Seeing” original painting, Irises, Ice & Snow Fairies and more!

Updates from Jasmine!

HUGE update today!

I have been busy at the Epcot festival – it is amazing!  I’ve also been busy painting – I have three new original paintings to show you (one has sold, but the others are available!), new prints, and also a new figurine collection (suitable for wintry weather!).

“The Empress” is my newest original painting!  Original painting & prints are available here – prints from $9.99 and the original framed acrylic painting is $2400.  Also on eBay here.  She is the “Empress” card for the new 78 Tarot project!

Another new painting is “All Seeing”  Original painting & prints are available here – prints from $19.99 and the original acrylic painting is $3000.  Also on eBay here

The third new release is for “The Language of Flowers III:  Irises” the original painting sold at my New York show, but we have prints available from $9.99 here

Other good news – the Bradford Exchange has released my Fairies of Ice and Snow figurine collection here (so far only on the USA site, but will be available elsewhere soon)

And finally, “Valentine Dragon” is this week’s sale print!  Only $9.99 for prints, open edition canvases only $90 this week here

And yes – the Epcot International Festival Of The Arts has begun!  And it is phenomenal!  You can find my artwork at both the Pop Gallery Tent and the WonderGround Gallery Tent (both over by the Canada pavilion) all throughout the festival. I will be there in person for four more dates – February 10, February 11, February 17 and February 18th.  Even when I am not there in person, my artwork will be!  Basically I’ll be either at the Pop Gallery tent (with my personal artwork) on some nights and then at the WonderGround Gallery tent (with my Disney character art) on other days.  Click here for event details.

Jasmine’s off to Whitby, UK! The Munsters, New Originals, Disney & more!

Updates from Jasmine!

All sorts of good news from me today!

Firstly – we’re off to the airport, I’m headed way up to Whitby, England for Whitby Goth Weekend!  I’ll be there November 4-6th at the Pavilion Bazaar – that part of the festival free, no tickets needed, I’ll be there for all three days – details about the event are here

All orders paid by noon today have now been shipped out.  New orders for limited edition canvases will ship when I get back home November 8.  All other ordering will be shipped as per usual, no delay!  While I’m overseas, each day I’ll be posting some of my ever-popular “penny auctions” on eBay – click here and bookmark – new auctions will pop up every day for ACEOs, limited editions, masterpiece editions & more!

Secondly – I have a big gorgeous original painting available from the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles – one of the largest and most detailed paintings I have ever done.  Her name is  “Étreinte de Papillons” here – $15,000 – 37″ framed, original acrylic painting, spectacular frame, if you are interested simply email Jan at: [email protected] – or call (310) 287-2340 – they can ship worldwide and may be open to working with payment plans, etc.   We have prints of Étreinte de Papillons here from $9.99, and the #1 Masterpiece Limited Edition 20×20″ huge hand embellished canvas is up for auction here

Thirdly – how appropriate for Halloween – my new co-branded licensed collection of figurines for “The Munsters” is now in stock, express shipping available!  USA customers can order from the Hamilton Collection here – these are fantastic, and ready to order today and ship out right away.  Limited edition – grab yours now =)

Fourthly – my sister Amber has framed a bunch of my pieces from Disney’s WonderGround Gallery and had me autograph them – she has them up available for worldwide shipping on Etsy right here.  These always sell fast, I apologize if some are already sold out.  A great way to get some my Disney art souvenirs direct from the parks without having to fly on an airplane!

Finally, I have several “last chance” limited edition canvas auctions up on eBay. These are for paintings that have already completely sold out of their limited editions, and these are the very last ones.  I always auction off the “last” canvas of an edition so that if anybody missed out, they can still have a last chance bid.  Each is hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered & dated & ready-to-hang.  “Milagros:  Corazon” #25/25 is here , “Pale Medusa” #25/25 is here , and the massive 16×20″ Masterpiece Edition of “Unseelie Court:  Envy” #5/5 (only five were ever made!) is here .

New Carnevale di Morte Painting, Zombie Fairy, Jasmine now at Disney Store, & more!

Updates from Jasmine!

Happy 2016, everybody!  This is going to be a very exciting year!

I’m back home in Florida and painting up a storm!  Preparing for my next event – at Disney’s Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs, FL on January 16th (details here).  Got a lot of things to show you….

Firstly – my new original painting “Carnevale di Morte” – the original has sold, but we have with prints & canvases on sale from $9.99 here

Secondly – ZOMBIE FAIRY!  Yes, finally, after a long time in the works we have a Zombie Fairy available for pre-order as a statue from Hamilton Collection.  It’s only up on the USA site so far, so US customers can pre-order online here  (outside the US?  Don’t worry, she’ll be available worldwide soon, I’ll keep you posted).

Thirdly – now has a TON of my Disney artwork & merchandise, and they will ship worldwide!  Details are below in this update – or for a quick peek click here  or  click here if you are on a mobile device.  (Please note, you will need to access the FULL version, non-mobile version of the site if you want to ship overseas).  Finally, all over the world you can order many of my Disney items previously only available at the themeparks.

In Patreon news – I have announced my next giveaway!  A new steampunk-themedoriginal painting on January 15th a winner will be announced!  Giveaways are through  my Patreon here –  As long as you are signed up (subscriptions start at literally $1) you will automatically be entered in all of them.

New Dragonlings, Originals, Jasmine in Chicago next week, ACEOs and more!

Updates from Jasmine!

BIG update this week!

Thank you all who came out to see me in Seattle last weekend for my Birds and Beasties show!  All the originals are sold (except for Dinosaur Friends:  Requiem – if you are interested contact [email protected] ).  We’ll be posting all the new prints & canvases of the paintings throughout the next week or two at

Next Saturday – October 24th – I will be in CHICAGO at Hoypoloi Gallery in historic Chinatown from 5pm-8pm.  It is the first time I’ve come to do an event in Chicago, so please do stop by & say hi if you are in the area!  It’s a free event, I’ll have lots of artwork there to look at, in a very fun place.  Details are here.

This weekend is the LAST WEEKEND of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  In some ways, it’s the best weekend to come because we always have it as our big SALE/CLEARANCE weekend!  We’ll be running lots of buy-one-get-one-free sales, discounts, and if you spend $10+ you can pick out a free mini print.  Make us an offer and we will hook you up, it’s the last weekend so we don’t want to take anything back home!  My sister Amber & her husband Chris will be running the shop this weekend – definitely come if you can, details are here.

I have two new paintings to show you!  Both originals sold at my Seattle show, but we now have limited edition canvases and prints available on my website, and they’re on sale this week.  “Amber Dragonling” is here and “Ivy Dragonling” is here.

Speaking of Dragonlings, we now have “Frost Dragonling” as various shirts, tanktops, tees, and throw blankets up at People’s Choice Apparel here

Guess who is finally at  Yep, it’s me!  Available with worldwide shipping you can now purchase my “Haunted Mansion:  The Bride” prints and canvases right at Disney website here.  It’s the first time they’ve had me on the website, so that’s exciting!  Hopefully they will add more soon.

And in other news – congratulations to Julie Wilkinson of Palm Harbor, Florida!  She was the winner of my original painting giveaway on my Patreon page!   Every month on the 15th  I give away an original painting to a random member at my Patreon page.  I have just posted the next painting I’m giving away – an Alice in Wonderland tiny treasure – the winner will be chosen on November 15th – all you have to do is sign up you will automatically be entered into the giveaway.  Subscriptions start at just $1 –click HERE for details or to sign up.

My lovely “Owlyn in Autumn” Limited Edition Canvases are now SOLD OUT.  We have the very last one – #25/25 – up for one “last chance” auction on eBay here, no more will ever be made.

And finally – I have a lovely new batch of ACEO cards up for auction on eBay, each with bidding starting at just a penny.  You can see them all here – many are from paintings you probably have never seen before!

Nightmare Before Christmas GIVEAWAY, Jasmine in Seattle on Saturday, Birds & Beasties & more!

Updates from Jasmine!

Just a quick & exciting update this week!

I had a wonderful time the past few weeks at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival – thank you all who came to see me!  I’m now heading out to Seattle for my show there this weekend, so the next couple weekends at the KC Renfest my gallery will be run by my sister & her family.  Definitely stop by the Festival still – we bring new art each weekend!  (Details are HERE).

This Saturday is my “Birds and Beasties” show at Eight and Sand Gallery in Seattle, WA!   I’ll be there in person for the opening on October 10 from 6pm-9pm,  I very rarely get up to this part of the country, so please stop by & say hi if you can!  Free event, everybody is welcome, details on the Event page HERE

And in other news – I’m running another GIVEAWAY – winner will be chosen TOMORROW (Thursday) – to receive an autographed figurine of my “Jack” fairy from my official Nightmare Before Christmas series with Disney/Hamilton Collection.  It is through Patreon, details are below.  All you need to do is join my Patreon by 8:00PM Eastern Time tomorrow night and you will automatically be entered into the giveaway.  Subscriptions start at just $1 – click HERE for details or to sign up.  Next week, my Patreon Giveaway will be for an original painting!

Jasmine’s new Tinker Bell, Frost Dragonling, Dragon*Con & other new stuff!

Updates from Jasmine!

Another big update from me!

Firstly – thank you all so much who came to my Take Over event at Disneyland!  We had our best show ever!  Florida folks – I’ll be at our WonderGround Gallery (inside Disney’s Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney in Florida) on August 8th – details are here .  California folks – I’ll be back in Anaheim again soon – I’ll be at D23 in August too – details are here

I have two new paintings to show you!  Tinker Bell at Skull Rock here and Frost Dragonling here!

The LAST #5/5 Limited Edition Canvas of “Luna Eclipse” is up for auction here.

Sale print of the week is Captain Molly Morgan here

I’m getting ready for DRAGON*CON coming up soon!  I’ve written up my annual “Dragon*Con Preview PDF” which has all the details about my artwork in the art show this year – text descriptions & pricing for paintings, prices on other prints & merchandise, tips for buying & lining up, how to get a free 2016 Strangeling Calendar, and more.  If you’d like me to email you this art show preview PDF, just email m e here at [email protected] with the subject line “Dragon*Con Originals” and I’ll email it right back to you!  More details about Dragon*Con are on my event page here

This Saturday, July 25h at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles I’ll have a new painting – “Stilleven XI:  Vanitas” – details are here

And finally – other good news – I have some great new throw blankets here

Grand Opening at Disney tomorrow! “Oaken Mead” Painting, Faberge Egg & Contest….

Updates from Jasmine!

Another busy week, lots of new stuff to show you!

Firstly – just a reminder – TOMORROW (Friday) and Saturday night are my next appearances here at Disney World – March 6 & 7 at Disney’s Marketplace Co-Opalso at Downtown Disney (celebrating the grand opening of the WonderGround Gallery section here!).  Details about the event are here.  I will be there in the brand new WonderGround Gallery inside the Co-Op from about 5pm-7:30pm on both Friday & Saturday nights.

In other news – I have a new painting – “Oaken Mead” – available as prints & canvases here!  She’s an illustration for FAE Magazine‘s new Matthew David Becketshort story of the same name.

On the merchandise front – good news from Disney’s D-Tech – they’ve added the first of my Disney paintings to their lineup for customizable cellphone cases – details arehere.

Also in new merchandise – my very first Faberge Egg design from the Bradford Exchange is available right now online here, in stock now, featuring my Ruby Dragonling (it’s also a music box, & opens up!)

The next installments in my serial painting tutorial for “European Peacock” Butterfly Fairy are HERE , on my JasmineBecket page at Wattpad.

And finally – the “Sale print of the week” is “Once Upon a Midnight Dreary”.  You can get the $9.99 sale price (or $19.99 for bigger prints, or $90 for the open edition canvas prints) all week long here.