Updates from Jasmine!

I’m back from DragonCon, and from my show this weekend at Disney Springs – had a fabulous time at both, thank you ALL so much for coming out to see me!

I’ve got a lot of new beautiful paintings to tell you about today!

The first of the new prints available is “12-Sided Dice Fairy” – you can see her here – we have prints, but the original has sold.

Next up is “The Language of Flowers I:  Forget-Me-Nots” – we have prints available here – the original *may* still be available from Corey Helford Gallery – $2400 – email Jan here or call (310) 287-2340.  Similarly, we have the second in the series – “The Language of Flowers II:  Pansies” – we have prints available here.  I am 99% sure that the original has sold, but just in case I’ve been misinformed you can contact email Jan here or call (310) 287-2340 to double-check.

In other painting news – I have a couple of pieces coming out in galleries soon! “Alice with the Dormouse” will be part of the Life Is Beautiful Festival (Las Vegas, September 23-26) “Crime on Canvas” show – if you are interested in the original painting, email Jay at [email protected] –  here’s a sneak peek!


Similarly, my “Femme Fatale” painting is going to debut at Modern Eden’s “Femme to Femme Fatale” art show in San Francisco this coming Saturday the 17th.  A sneak preview of the painting in progress is below, if you are interested be sure to contact [email protected] .


Next up – one of my favourite magazines – beautiful.bizarre has done a wonderful feature on me this month, and has even put my artwork on their cover!  It’s one of the most beautiful and intriguing art magazines on the market today, each issue is practically a coffee table book.  You can purchase the magazine here on their website (and at many bookshops, galleries, etc.)

Do you love “Green Goddess” as much as I do?  If so, check out the auction for the LAST #5/5 Masterpiece Limited Edition Canvas of her – the others in the edition are now sold out – you can see the auction here

And finally in other news, the Kansas City Renaissance Festival is up & running in full swing! I’ll be there in person October 1, 2, 8, and 9) details here.  Keep an eye out on the event page(s) – we’ll be doing daily print giveaways for costumes and other fun stuff at my gallery there.

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