Venus with Cherubs

Venus with Cherubs

Venus With Cherubs

Venus With Cherubs Framed Original Painting


“Venus with Cherubs”

60″x28″ Trumeau Framed Acrylic Painting on panel $6400 – AVAILABLE!

Signed Prints (starting at $9.99) & Lt. Ed. Canvases are HERE

The original painting is for sale at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney here in Florida and last time I checked (day before yesterday) it is still AVAILABLE. Could be the best Christmas gift ever 😉 If you are interested in the original painting, the frame is is 60″ high by 28″ wide and 3″ deep with a gorgeous Trumeau mirror frame, with the actual painting on panel measuring around 17″x22″. Pop Gallery is happy to ship worldwide, you can call them at 407-827-8200 or email them at [email protected] – the original painting is $6400.

A classically inspired interpretation of the Birth of Venus accompanied by some Rococo Fragonard/Boucher style cherubs! This dainty goddess rides sweetly on a seashell atop the waves – lost in thought. The fabulous Trumeau Mirror frame suits the baroque feel of the painting, and measuring five feet high it can truly be the focus of any room!

Limited Edition Canvas prints are 11×14″, $125, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered out of 25 ever made.

Those can be purchased at here (just use the dropdown box under Fine Art Prints to select the canvas option) .


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