Soft Shell


“Soft Shell” – one of my paintings for “The Shape of Things To Come” the winter invitational group show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York.  The original acrylic painting sold at the show, but we have prints & canvases & other merchandise available at – one of my personal favourites.  Similar composition to my animal-composite paintings like “Green Goddess” or “Arcimboldo Mermaid,” she is called “Soft Shell.” All of the creatures she is surrounded by are be animals that have hard shells – sea critters, nautilus, crabs, lobsters, barnacles, coral, etc. And then of course the girl herself does not have a shell, but hers is made up of the living animals.  Several of these items are pieces in my specimen collection displayed in my studio (the horseshoe crab shell shedding is one I collected myself on the beach and have mounted on my wall).  Astute viewers may notice the inclusion of the prehistoric arthropod Eurypterid (one of the oldest and largest arthropods that ever lived), the delicately beautiful peacock mantis shrimp, a coconut crab, an abalone & more!
Masterpiece Limited Edition Canvas Prints are SOLD OUT. However, we have released the Open Edition Remarqued Canvas Prints – they are truly the next best thing. They are the same high quality canvases stretched on boards & ready to hang, but are open edition. This means that they are not numbered, not dated, not signed by Jasmine, not embellished by Jasmine in paint. They are however remarqued with metallic ink on the front with the official JBG seal/remarque (as shown in the photo), and come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Jasmine herself. The open edition canvases are shaped a bit differently than the sold-out Limited Editions, they are 12″x 18″ and are on thick stretcher boards. Open Edition Canvases ship from our Kansas location.
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Glossy Photo Prints

All Glossy Photo Prints are printed on a glossy photo paper with archival inks. A small white border is included around the printed area of the artwork. When you select the print size and type that you want to purchase, the Printed Area Dimensions will appear below your selection. Please note the dimensions to make sure that the print you select is a size that will work for your needs. We cannot provide custom print sizes at this time. What you see offered is what is available.

Open Edition Canvas Prints

These prints are made on canvas with archival inks and varnished with a UV resistant finish. They are gallery-wrap style — wrapped on boards, stretched over a frame and are shipped ready-to-hang. The canvas sides are printed in black, creating a natural self-framing effect, so you don’t have to purchase an additional frame if you don’t want to. The entire piece is also painted with a UV varnish and then heat set for maximum protection and longevity. They are truly beautiful pieces and it is often difficult to tell them apart from the originals. We only release these open edition canvases once Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvases have been sold out. The open edition canvases are on deep gallery wrapped boards. The Open Editions are set to a specific size format and there may be some cropping around the edges from the original artwork. NOTE: The watermark in the image is only for digital display and does not appear in the originals or prints.


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