Innsmouth Mermaid


This is a very special painting I created for the “Lucky 13” group show celebrating the 13th Anniversary of the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles!  They invited many of their artists to submit a piece focusing on Pop Surrealism / New Contemporary / Figurative work, and as this piece references the Lovecraftian mythos and also highlights a female figurative image as the primary focus, I thought she’d be perfect!
“Innsmouth” is the name of the fictional city that H.P. Lovecraft used as a setting for some of his stories, a turn-of-the-century seaport town in Massachusetts.  No spoilers – but the town of Innsmouth has a lot of supernatural elements involving water-bourne and aquatic themes, so the idea of a Mermaid living in the harbour of Innsmouth would be appropriate.  He had since encouraged the use of the locale and the general mythos to help grow the idea of his world/s being an archetype for other creative individuals (writers, poets, painters, novelists) to incorporate the landscapes and storylines he created even after he passed on.
If you’d like to hear me blather on more about the inspiration of this piece and also see me sketch & layout & start painting this piece, it was part of the Twitch broadcast I did several weeks beforehand (feel free to follow me up at Twitch, it’s free and all ages are welcome, I broadcast at least once or twice a week up therer under my JasmineBecketGriffith user ID there, you can watch on any computer/phone/iPad/tablet/device.  I’ve actually archived the first one too up at my YouTube channel here and further work on her in a second installment here and the third installment is here

The original painting and the Masterpiece Limited Editions are now SOLD OUT.  We do have available the Open Edition Canvases which are remarqued with the JBG initial on the front, measure 12″x16″ (also wrapped & ready-to-hang) and come with a signed certificate of authenticity.


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All Glossy Photo Prints are printed on a glossy photo paper with Canon Lucia archival inks and signed ON THE BACK by ME, the artist. Small prints are printed on 8.5×11″ sheets, large prints on 13×19″ sheets, and XL prints on 17″x 22″ but the printed area will reflect the odd dimensions of the painting itself. When you select the print size and type that you want to purchase, the Printed Area Dimensions will appear below your selection. Please note the dimensions to make sure that the print you select is a size that will work for your needs. We cannot provide custom print sizes at this time. What you see offered is what is available.


The Masterpiece Limited Edition Canvases (24″x 18″, hand embellished, signed & numbered out of 5 at $595 each) are now sold out!  We do have the  Open Edition Remarqued Canvases (12″x16″ with a signed certificate at $125 each) available. All canvas prints are made on canvas with Canon Lucia archival inks. They are wrapped on boards and stretched over a frame and shipped ready-to-hang. The canvas sides are printed in black, creating a natural self-framing effect, so you don’t have to purchase an additional frame if you don’t want to. The entire piece is also painted with a UV varnish and then heat set for maximum protection and longevity. They are truly beautiful pieces and it is often difficult to tell them apart from the originals. Both types are on the deeper/thicker gallery wrapped boards than our earlier canvases have been, very sturdy and solid, and match the profile of those that are sold at Pop Gallery, etc. If you have any questions about the canvas prints or the differences between the Masterpiece Limited Editions and the Open Editions, please contact us!

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All prints reflect the dimensions of the original piece, so PLEASE NOTE the dimensions to make sure that the print you select is a size that will work for your needs. We cannot provide custom print sizes at this time. What you see offered is what is available.

NOTE: The watermark in the image is only for digital display and does not appear in the originals or prints.


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