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DragonCon featuring Jasmine Becket-Griffith

08/31/2019 @ 10:00 am - 7:00 pm EDT

“The Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith” will be an Exhibitor on Floor Three of the AmericasMart Building (2) in a new massive booth spanning three sections of the third floor: 3318, 3320, 3322 (all three are connected to make one giant area). Since we have been able to move up out of the basement, we’ll have a much larger shop this year at DragonCon. Jasmine will of course be attending in person, for select signing times, we’ll have three new DragonCon Exclusive Strangeling enamel pins this year too (yay!), new artwork debuting and other goodies as well – the new layout and procedures have changed a bit this year, so please scroll down to read all the details!

Our new 30 foot booth will be open all day every day to DragonCon attendees, and Jasmine will be there in person for specific autographing times. This is primarily to comply with the the Atlanta fire marshal safety guidelines, better crowd control efforts, general queue streamlining and personal safety/comfort considerations.

Much like at MegaCon, etc. we will be having two separate sections (of the same booth, all contiguous 3318, 3320, 3322, basically three booths shoved together) for checkout/purchasing/pin giveaways as opposed to meeting with Jasmine & having her autograph your stuff! We recommend making your purchases (and getting your pins!) early throughout the day/s and then later returning to queue separately for autographs from Jasmine. This should result in a safer & more comfortable queueing experience for customers/collectors as well as for Jasmine & the Strangeling staff. Jasmine will be there every day at the appointed times, so no matter which day (or days) you are visiting DragonCon she will be able to autograph your artworks, chat or say hi!

***GENERAL OPENING HOURS (the booth will be manned by Matt & the Strangeling team employees and all items will be available for sale for the entire duration of the event, open to close, every day):

Friday 10am – 7pm
Saturday 10am – 7pm
Sunday 10am – 7pm
Monday 10am – 5pm

***JASMINE AUTOGRAPHING / MEET & GREET HOURS (these are the specific time slots when Jasmine will be at the booth in person, she is happy to sign anything you either bring from home or that you buy at the booth, or just stop by, chat & say hi! These hours may be extended based on attendance and Jasmine’s work schedule, but we needed to provide specific times where Jasmine will for certain be there for sure so you can all better plan your days, so here you go):

Friday 3pm – 6pm
Saturday 3pm – 6pm
Sunday 3pm – 6pm
Monday 2pm – 4pm


Jasmine has created THREE brand new DragonCon Exclusive Strangeling Enamel Pins to give away at DragonCon this year! We’ll post previews of the pin designs as the date draws nearer. As always, the pins are free with any purchase (big or small), one per person. If you would like to score extra pins for future trading, bring a friend or loved one with you, have them buy something as well, even a postcard – we just count heads (babies count too, lol, but sadly not pets). As usual, one of the three pin designs will be split half on Friday and half on Monday, so completists need not worry if you cannot attend all four (some attendees end up missing either Friday or Monday due to school/work, and by dividing one pin into two lots for the slower days seems to be the best fix).

Strangeling enamel pins are highly collectible, and as there is a lively trading community and a thriving secondary market for rare pins such as the DragonCon Exclusives, many collectors may wish to line up EARLY before the doors open to the event. We (and the DragonCon staff) request that you do not run, and please consider the safety of others. DragonCon has a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of physical or verbal assault, please be on your best behavior (we want to be invited back next year, after all!).

So! Come early, pins are given out strictly on a “first come, first served” basis. Matt or one of the other Strangeling team employees will be personally handing a pin to each customer during the purchase transaction/checkout at our booth.



Jasmine, Matt & the Strangeling team employees will all have various pins on their personal lanyards and are always happy to trade ANY Strangeling pin for ANY Strangeling pin on a one-to-one basis. You’re welcome to drop by throughout the day to see if our lanyards have changed, often by the evening we have completely different personal trading pins on our lanyards than we had that morning if trading is particularly active (especially at DragonCon).


We do not ever sell these pins, they are free gifts, we do NOT reserve pins for any reason, please do not ask. If you aren’t able to attend but want a pin, there is a very active Facebook Group called “Strangeling Pins” – specifically for collectors to trade and buy/re-sell their pins, and no doubt shortly after DragonCon you may be able to find some from attendees who were able to obtain them. Jasmine always makes a few extras that in case of any damage/loss/bloopers – these are (again, never sold, only given away) RANDOMLY distributed to Jasmine’s Patreon Pin Collector tier ( https://www.patreon.com/jasminebecketgriffith ) and given as RANDOM prizes on Jasmine’s live Twitch broadcasts ( https://www.twitch.tv/jasminebecketgriffith ) – please do not ask us for those or try to give us money, that ain’t how we roll.


As this year we have moved up as Exhibitors to a large-scale booth, all artwork & merchandise can be purchased directly there at our booth (in other words, NOT down in the “Art Show” area of the Hyatt, but up in the third floor level of the AmericasMart building at the “Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith” booth, encompassing the three numbered booths 3318, 3320, 3322 (all are adjacent, don’t worry, it just looks like one big giant booth). This allows us more flexibility with issues such as payment methods (we’ll happily accept cash, credit/debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, etc.). There is no bidding/registration necessary, you can come right up to Matt or anybody at our booth and buy stuff directly!
We can also (for larger original paintings) accept pre-reservations and arrange for shipping directly to your home anywhere in the world if you are unable to pick up your painting in person or don’t want to carry it around.

Stay tuned on Jasmine’s social media (particularly Patreon for advance views, and on Twitch for live broadcasts of paintings-in-progress) for previews of the original painting(s) that will debut at our booth at DragonCon!

Prints! We will have MANY prints of various formats. Our booth’s walls will be displaying a wide selection of open edition canvas giclees that Jasmine would be happy to autograph for you! We’ll also have a massive amount of various glossy paper prints (big & small, including our popular mini prints at only $3 each, which we only sell at live events).

We’ll be bringing a large inventory of “Canvas Cuties” (ready-to-hang mini canvas prints) that Jasmine would also be happy to autograph for you!

We’ll be bringing an assortment of Jasmine’s books, oracle cards, coloring books and other publications including a handful of advance copies of Jasmine’s new “Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book!”
We’ll also have various other merchandise, space permitting, such as open edition Strangeling enamel pins, Vinyls, etc.


Time permitting, Jasmine hopes to bring at least a few “Tiny Treasures” – those itty-bitty original acrylic paintings on wood that are only sold at our live events. These are also sold on a first come, first served basis and are limited to two per person. These tend to sell out very quickly, as they are intentionally priced very low ($295) as an incentive to drive attendance to our live events and are highly coveted. By “very quickly,” we mean “often are all gone in the first sixty seconds,” so if you have your heart set on one, line up outside the door super super early – bring a book and settle in for a bit of a wait!


Many of you may know Jasmine from her work with the Walt Disney Company. Please note however, Jasmine & the Strangeling team cannot paint or print Disney artwork or merchandise with Jasmine’s Disney artwork ourselves outside of her contracted projects through the Walt Disney Company. We do however often stop by the WonderGround Gallery on our way up to DragonCon and often purchase an assortment of Jasmine’s official Disney postcards from the Gallery to display at DragonCon. We can’t make or produce these ourselves, we have to wait in line to purchase them as any other customer would, so we aren’t able to bring these items/artworks on demand or per request, but if you come early you might snag some hot off the press from Disneyland / Disney World (these tend to go fast!) that we have brought specifically to re-sell to DragonCon attendees. You are also welcome to bring any of your Disney items you’ve already purchased from Disney along with you from home, Jasmine is happy to sign anything!


Typically in addition to pins we often have other special items (like shopping bags, calendars, fans, etc.), however this year due to time constraints (Jasmine & Matt have been away from home for nearly seven weeks on the road prior to the beginning of DragonCon, argh!!) we may not be able to squeeze in any extras besides the pins. We promise to do our best though, and if we happen to find the time, energy & resources to put something else together we’ll let you know, stay tuned on this page and on Jasmine’s social media (Patreon, Twitch, Facebook & Instagram) for updates!


Is there a particular print, canvas, Canvas Cutie, or mini print you’d like for certain? As long as you let us know by AUGUST 19TH we can have the piece(s) set aside in a bag with your name on it available for pickup at the show, so you won’t be disappointed if it’s otherwise sold out! We can’t do this with original paintings, pins or Disney stuff, but for most other artwork we can have that all packed up & ready for you at the event so you won’t miss out on something specific if you have your heart set on it. Simply email us before the end of the day on August 19th and we’ll have it for ya at the show – send the email to [email protected] with the subject line (very important) : “DRAGONCON ORDER”. In the body of the email, let us know:

*Your full name

*The title(s) of the precise image(s) you are wanting to purchase (not sure of the name? Find it at Strangeling.com first, it’s hard for us to go by vague descriptions, lol)

*What type of print(s) (ie, open edition canvas, Canvas Cutie, mini glossy paper print, 8×10 glossy paper print, etc.)

*Which day(s) you intend on attending DragonCon

We’ll then pop those items, put them in a bag, and write your name on a label so when you drop by the booth we’ll have it all ready for you, and you’ll get the cheaper “show prices” (we charge less for artwork at DragonCon since we don’t require all the packaging materials that postal shipping requires and also it helps offset your own costs for having to purchase admission, etc.).


If you have questions pertaining to the Strangeling booth, Jasmine, Jasmine’s artwork, etc. – Email us at [email protected] (please mention something about DragonCon in the subject line so it will go to the right email queue). Alternately, post your question in the comments of our Facebook Event page – we do our best to make sure a moderator checks the Facebook Event Page each day to answer questions when possible. If you have questions about DragonCon in general (stuff like tickets, parking, hotels, etc.) – please contact DragonCon through their official website:


We’ll see ya there!


10:00 am - 7:00 pm EDT
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