Death and the Maiden Sketch Card


Death & the Maiden ® Original Sketch Cards by Jasmine Becket-Griffith and David Van Gough. Each is an original drawing, sketch, or study done with pencils, charcoal, ink, or pastels on a piece of archival 2.5″ x 3.5″ illustration board.  These are not prints, but actual originals direct from the artists! Each sketch card is a collaboration of Jasmine and David and they are signed by both artists.

NOTE: You will receive a RANDOM sketch card. They truly are random and we are unable to process any special requests. Please refer to the product photos for examples. Please allow 2-3 weeks for US shipping. International delivery time may vary depending on your customs policies and processes.

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Additional Details

This line of Sketch Cards is a collaborative effort between Jasmine Becket-Griffith and David Van Gough for the “Death & the Maiden®” series. These sketch cards are numbered 47-52 (6 total cards in this batch). Jasmine and David will continue create additional sketch cards that will be released periodically throughout the course of this series’ development. These sketch cards may include preparatory studies for upcoming paintings or studies on certain themes within the series. They are the most affordable and space-saving way to collect an original artwork from either Jasmine or David.

In lieu of names, each Sketch Card will be titled by the series name, year, and sequence, starting with “Death & The Maiden Sketch Card 2022 Series: 1” or “Death & The Maiden Sketch Card 2022 Series: 7” etc.  Titles are written on the back by Jasmine and signed and dated back & front by both Jasmine and David. Each is an original artwork, not a print, and has been lightly sprayed with a fixative to prevent smearing (we recommend keeping these in the plastic sleeves or framing to avoid contact with moisture or skin oils as these are actual drawings on illustration board, not canvas).

We are very much encouraging collectors to TRADE their Sketch Cards — we suggest the Official Jasmine Becket-Griffith Collector’s Group on Facebook. Folks trade Strangeling pins there too, and many also trade pins for artwork and vice versa. You can also make friends up at Jasmine’s Patreon or David’s Patreon.  So if you find yourself with a mermaid Sketch Card but have your eye on a dragon Sketch Card, hop up to Facebook or Patreon and trade!  Your original Sketch Card will come in a plastic sleeve, they are the same size as a standard trading card (same size as Jasmine’s ACEO cards, but these are originals instead of giclée prints), like a Pokemon card. They fit easily into trading card binders, and are also suitable for framing — they fit into ACEO frames or any baseball card frame from the drugstore.

Stay tuned for more sketch cards as the “Death & the Maiden®” series progresses, and watch Patreon Lens for sneak previews as more are added and works-in-progress. Don’t forget to also check out and follow David Van Gough for his own updates on this and other projects!

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