Alice and Las Meninas


Alice and Las Meninas is the title –  one of my favourite Alice in Wonderland paintings I’ve done yet (heck, one of my favourite paintings of any kind I’ve done yet)! This is the third painting  in my sub-series called “Alice in Other Lands” which are paintings featuring Alice in a variety of unusual circumstances, thrown into settings inspired by my love of art history (be sure to check out the first two installments honoring Bosch and da Vinci). Here we have my Alice on the set of one of the most beautiful and famous paintings in the world – “Las Meninas” (the Handmaidens”) by 17th century painter Diego Velázquez – the epitome of Spanish Baroque.  This is of course my version (for comparison, check out Picasso’s Las Meninas, hehe).  In my painting, Alice is playing the little princess (Infanta Margarita of Spain).  Lewis Carroll has a cameo as the painter in this piece (Velázquez).  The handmaidens truly must be from the court of the Queen of Hearts.  In the distance you can see the Mad Hatter sneaking out the back, the Duchess holding a squealing pig, and the King of Hearts looking typically downtrodden and bedraggled.  And lo and behold, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum have squeezed their way into the portrait too.  Also if you look at the portrait on the back wall, you may see the White Rabbit!  My favourite part though has got to be the devilish Cheshire Cat who has seemingly replaced Velázquez’s faithful hound.  This is a painting celebrating my loves of Alice in Wonderland and Baroque art – no reason why the two shouldn’t go together!  I’ve always thought that Alice’s adventures should continue into many other bizarre tales, and you can expect to see more from me in the future.    My own lowbrow big eyed take on Velázquez’s work was one of my largest paintings to date, and took longer than any other painting I’ve completed (over three days, which is a long time for me!).  This is my own original acrylic painting, completely painted by hand.

Limited Edition Canvas Prints are SOLD OUT. However, we have now released the Open Edition Remarqued Canvas Prints – they are truly the next best thing. They are the same high quality canvases stretched on boards & ready to hang, but are open edition. This means that they are not numbered, not dated, not signed by Jasmine, not embellished by Jasmine in paint. They are however remarqued with metallic ink on the front with the official JBG seal/remarque (as shown in the photo), and come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Jasmine herself. The open edition canvases are shaped a bit differently than the sold-out Limited Editions, they are 12″x18″ and are on thicker stretcher boards, so they are a bit deeper. Open Edition Canvases ship from our Kansas location.

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Masterpiece editions: Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Each piece must be printed after they are ordered, varnished with a protective coating, hand embellished by the artists, stretched and packed for shipment. This is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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