Seashell Collector Collectible Enamel Pin

“Seashell Collector” is a special pin I created specifically for my annual end-of-year show at Pop Gallery in December 2018 at Disney Springs. Since we had some pin debuts that were special for the gallery that evening, I wanted to create a pin that had a “collecting” theme – I immediately thought of collecting shells (and the idea of collecting in general, I collect some rather bizarre things myself). Based loosely on a few different paintings of mine (notably “At the Seaside” and “Shell Collector”) and thus we have “Seashell Collector!” Only 200 of these were available, she was a free giveaway that given to the first 200 customers to make a purchase (ANY Jasmine art or merchandise!) at the Pop Gallery at Disney Springs on Saturday, December 22, 2018. I technically made a few extras in case of loss/damage/bloopers, and if they are not needed I will be giving those away too as freebies to the folks in my Patreon Pin Collector tier – sign up HERE to be included in the special Patreon Pin Tier!

Strangeling pins are metal & enamel collectible pins – each is designed by me (Jasmine) personally.  I hand select the enamels and put a lot of love & thought into each design.  Each pin has two “locking” backs to ensure the safety & security of your pins (so you don’t lose them!).  Your pin will come packaged with a backing board & sealed plastic bag, sent in a cushioned mailer.  We are always happy to ship worldwide.  We will be adding new designs each month, so stay tuned!  For questions about our pins or to read more about them, please visit the “Collectible Enamel Pins” section of our FAQ here!.  If you are interested in collecting more Strangeling pins, getting discounts, free pins, sneak previews & exclusive rare designs – definitely consider the Patreon Pin Collector tier on my Patreon page here.

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RELEASE: December 22, 2018

Size: 1.75″ Inch high * 4.4cm