Metal Mini Portrait Set Five

Metal Mini Portrait Set Five


Here is fifth of my Metal Mini Portrait Sets! This set features “Faces of Faery 142” “Faces of Faery 118” “Faces of Faery 166” and “Faces of Faery 74.” And yes, you receive all four! Only 250 sets of these will be made, each backing card is numbered out of 250.

These are a new product, separate & rather different than our standard enamel pin releases. These are solid metal pins with a glossy beveled finish that are printed into the metal itself and are full-colour!

Super adorable, each of these cuties has a dragon theme!

NOTE: Since these are a Limited Edition product sold solely through we do have a shopping cart limit of ten sets per person, thank you for your cooperation.

Since many of my smaller pieces (Faces of Faery, Tiny Treasures, etc.) are predominantely “face centric” paintings relying on subtle colour shifts and gradations of tone that don’t work well as 6-colour lineart enamel process pins like our typical Strangeling Enamel Pins, we’ve decided to keep them full colour and with a smooth finish (it’s the same process we used on my previous “Porcelina” pin and the previous Metal Miniature pin sets, to give you a good idea.)

The backs of each pin feature two posts with “locking” style backs, just like my usual pins, the metal is a shiny silver finish, each square measures 1.25″ and has a thick glossy enamel top-coating with beveled edges/sides – they look exactly like my original paintings! These are not handmade badges like you’d make at home, they are not paper prints of any kind, these are manufactured and die-cut by the same pin factory we hire to create all of our pins, are solid metal and very high quality.

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AVAILABILITY: General Public

RELEASE: June 29, 2020

Size: 1.25″ Inch high * 3.2cm

Price: $39.99