Grayscale At the Easel Collectible Enamel Pin

Grayscale At the Easel Collectible Enamel Pin

This is the grayscale variant of my “At the Easel” (sort of a little self-portrait of me painting, lol). This is a VERY special pin, as I have personally gone in and autographed each and every one individually with a permanent ink pen – right on the little easel! This pin is/was a PATREON EXCLUSIVE pin. This means you cannot buy her. She is given away free only to those in the Patreon Pin Collector tier of my Patreon here.  If you are in any way interested in collecting my pins, I really do recommend signing up. You can live anywhere in the world, it is $25/month and worth every penny. You get the free current Patreon Exclusive pin as well as that month’s “Pin of the Month” pin immediately mailed to you, and then a new “Pin of the Month” each month automatically shipped along with additional Patreon Exclusive pins throughout the year. You also get new coloring pages to download, 10% off ALL pins, prints & canvases & more from – so if you are even planning on buying a couple of things it is well worth signing up for (it even works on my expensive Masterpiece Editions). Again, this pin is not for sale to the public, she is a free gift to my Patreon Pin Collectors group. I just have her here at as part of the pins archive and to let you all know about the Patreon Pin Collector tier!

The backs of each pin feature two posts with “locking” style backs, just like my usual pins, the metal back is a shiny silver finish, measures 1.5″ and has a thick glossy enamel top-coating with beveled edges/sides, these are manufactured and die-cut by the same pin factory we hire to create all of our pins, are solid metal and very high quality.

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RELEASE: May 13, 2021

Size: 1.75″ Inch high * 4.4cm