Devilish and Angelic Fairy Set of TWO PINS

Devilish and Angelic Fairy Set of TWO PINS


A very special set of TWO pins! I like thinking of these two as being the proverbial “devil” or “angel” that sit on your shoulder to give you advice, hehe. Our Patreon Pin Collector Tier Members will receive BOTH pins at no additional charge this month! You can decide if you are feeling wicked or kindly or just wear both. Our Patreon Pin Collectors in January will have already automatically been shipped these cuties! Remember, you can always sign up for the Pin of the Month Club at my Patreon Page here .

Strangeling pins are metal & enamel collectible pins – each is designed by me (Jasmine) personally. I hand select the enamels and put a lot of love & thought into each design. Each pin has two “locking” backs to ensure the safety & security of your pins (so you don’t lose them!). Your pin will come packaged with a backing board & sealed plastic bag, sent in a cushioned mailer. We are always happy to ship worldwide. We will be adding new designs each month, so stay tuned! For questions about our pins or to read more about them, please visit the “Collectible Enamel Pins” section of our FAQ here!. If you are interested in collecting more Strangeling pins, getting discounts, free pins, sneak previews & exclusive rare designs – definitely consider the Patreon Pin Collector tier on my Patreon page here.


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Size: 1.75″ Inch high * 4.4cm

Price: $25.00