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Isle of the Dead

This piece debuted and sold as part of my “Magical Thinking” show at the Corey Helford Gallery in LA.  If you don’t know about the Isle of the Dead (originated in the 1880s by Arnold Böcklin, later many other artists from Salvador Dali to HR Giger) – definitely Google it, there are many interpretations of […]

Hello England!

For my UK folks!  I’ll be at the Whitby Goth Weekend event this October 26, 27, 28th up in Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK – details are here: I will have a booth featuring my artwork, right next to the StrangelingUK booth with even more goodies of course – we’ll be located in the Bazaar area […]

Medusa and Her Cat

From my “Magical Thinking” solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, here is “Medusa and Her Cat.”  As with many pieces of mine, I wanted to show something slightly awful and creepy as being beautiful and magical.  I love how her cat has tiny little snakes in his fur to match!  The […]

Sweet Isabella

A portrait of Sweet Isabella, one of my characters from the “Sweet Inspirations” figurine series available from the Hamilton Collection / Bradford Exchange.  Of course Dia de los Muertos themed,  Isabella has traditional Calavera face paint on and her beautiful wings match those of the Monarch butterfly friends that surround her.  Definitely check out my […]

Vampire Dragonling

Many of you may recognize this piece for several reasons!  Firstly, she was a painting I broadcasted as a multi-week-long demonstration painting on my Twitch channel.  Secondly, I did a bit of work on her live at my shop at the 2018 Kansas City Renaissance Festival in.  Thirdly, this same character appears in my popular […]

Queen of the Night Blooms

“Queen of the Night Blooms” is a painting I did for the “Ephemeral” show that Beautiful  Bizarre Magazine curated at Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco.  I remember somebody up at Twitch asking me if I’d ever paint a “Queen of the Night” flower (aka night-blooming cereus, or as I’ve heard them called – “orchid cactus!”). […]

Ninja Dragonlings II

Those of you who attended DragonCon 2018 certainly know this one!  The original painting debuted & sold at the Art Show (some of you watched me paint it live, too).   Of course you may also recognize these cuties from the Hamilton Collection figurines we did many years ago (they are all sold out now, but […]

My Possum

This piece debuted & sold as part of my “Magical Thinking” show at the Corey Helford Gallery in LA.  Living here in Florida, we get a lot of beautiful opossums in our yard.  I have one who has a burrow just a few feet from the backdoor of my studio – he comes out every […]

Mermaid with Roses

This piece debuted & sold as part of my “Magical Thinking” show at the Corey Helford Gallery in LA.  She was a painting I mostly painted live on my Twitch channel (I broadcast up there about twice a week if you ever want to drop in and watch me work!), a delicate mermaid surrounded by […]

Hazardous Beauties

The original acrylic painting of “Hazardous Beauties” is AVAILABLE for $5,400 – she has just debuted as part of my “Magical Thinking” show at the Corey Helford Gallery  in Los Angeles.  The gallery is happy to ship worldwide, simply email [email protected] or call the gallery at (310) 287-2340.  It is an original acrylic painting on a 12×16″ panel, […]