PLEASE NOTE: Jasmine is AWAY in Southeast Asia until December 16

PLEASE NOTE: Jasmine is AWAY in Southeast Asia until December 16th!

You can totally still order stuff up here at – most items will still ship out as per usual with no delay.  Buy all the paper prints, open editions, books/pins/oracle cards/etc. you want!

However – as Jasmine is literally not here in either of her studios, that means we have to wait for her return (December 16) before shipping any hand-painted items.  This includes Limited Edition Canvases, Masterpiece Edition Canvases and Original Paintings.  If you ordered any of these items prior to Noon Eastern Time on November 27th, don’t worry – your order is already on its way, Jasmine finished all that painting stuff up before she left.  But if you order anything that requires Jasmine to handpaint anything after November 27, your order will not ship until after Jasmine gets back home on December 16.

Similarly, as Jasmine will be traveling in some remote areas, she may have limited computer access during this time too, so some correspondence may be delayed.

Amber, Chris, Sarah, etc. will all be here working hard and will be shipping most everything else out as always, answering emails, processing orders and shipping out fast as always – again – it’s only hand painted items (Limited Edition Canvases, Masterpiece Edition Canvases and Original Paintings) that require Jasmine here within an arm’s length to paint & mail.

If you are thinking about placing an order that is time-sensitive (ie, CHRISTMAS ETC.) – and it is urgent in any way, please CONTACT US before purchasing.  Again, as long as it’s not a handpainted/limited/masterpiece item, we should be shipping as always.

Jasmine will be back at home with a paintbrush in hand on December 16th!  She’ll be doing a live broadcast from her studio on December 19 on her Twitch channel starting at 4PM EST here  and will be at Disney World’s Pop Gallery at Disney Springs in person for her next public appearance on December 22nd in Florida – details about her upcoming show are here!

Bon Voyage!