Original Painting & Pin Auction for “Three Wishes”


Here is the opportunity to bid on the original pin design acrylic painting for “Three Wishes” AND yes you get my actual “Three Wishes” pin included as a free bonus – click here to see! For every pin I create, I begin with an original acrylic painting (usually an 8×10″ on a piece of masonite wood panel, like this one). It is from this design that the molds for the pins are made, and the enamel colours selected, etc. Then with each pin, I get my own personal pin to approve the colours once they have gone into production.
So far I’ve kept these original paintings and first pins together carefully packed away in my art cabinet, but I’ve decided to go ahead and auction them off in case anybody is interested in adding them to their collection =) So yes – this auction you get the actual original acrylic painting as shown (yes, it looks like an animation cel or a drawing but it’s actually just a very sharply painted original painting!), AND you get my “Three Wishes” pin thrown in as a bonus (mint condition in bag). This one in particular was a very rare pin, difficult to get (it was a giveaway from my Three Wishes show in Cornwall, UK at the Faery Festival in England last June) – so I thought it’d be only right that whomever owns the original artwork also gets the pin =)  Again – the auction is up here.
And of course – to see my currently available enamel pins, visit my Strangeling Collectible Enamel Pins page here.
I’ll be doing this with ALL my pins along with their corresponding original paintings (I already sold Voodoo in Blue at auction last year, but I have all the others), I’ll always start the bidding at a penny and will let the auctions run for a week so everybody in all time zones anywhere in the world can get a chance. We’re happy to ship worldwide! XO Jasmine