“Forever Strange” art book, Twitch Videos, New Coloring, Pins, paintings & more from Jasmine!

“Forever Strange” art book, Twitch Videos, New Coloring, Pins, paintings & more from Jasmine!

Updates from Jasmine!

April has been a very exciting month for me – loads of fun stuff has been happening, and lots of painting!

Firstly – I’ve begun broadcasting live from my studio a couple times a week on TWITCH here!  You can catch up on our episodes so far here , and my next live broadcast will be this Sunday, April 29 at 3PM Eastern Time (8:00PM UK time).  It’s free!  They have made me an official “Affiliate” now too, so if you click “Subscribe” you can subscribe to the “Twitch Prime” ad-free version and Twitch throws me a couple bucks 😉  If you are an Amazon Prime member you can subscribe for free to Twitch Prime (Twitch is owned by Amazon and Amazon gives you one free Twitch sub!). Again though, regular Twitch is free as always, Prime just gives ya some extra perks and helps me cover a bit of the operating costs.


This month I’ve been working mostly on original paintings that will debut at my “Magical Thinking” solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angles – I’ll be there in person for the opening this July 28 and the show will hang for a month – we’ll be having a huge opening party that night and everybody is welcome – details here.  You can watch me paint all of the paintings for the show on my Twitch videos here , with finished previews shown up at my Patreon.

My “Forever Strange” art book is being published later this year and is available to pre-order.  This is a glorious sequel to my “Strangeling” art book – hardcover 198 full colour pages, gilded edges, full of my paintings and complemented by poetry & short stories written by my sisters Amber and Kachina and a short story by my husband Matt.   USA Customers can order cheaply from Amazon here .  It will be available WORLDWIDE at all other bookstores & online bookshops, it just hasn’t popped up yet.  If you check out the publisher’s website here you can see a preview of the book and they will be accepting pre-orders soon internationally, I will keep you updated.  We’ll eventually have autographed copies later this year at Strangeling.com after the book comes out and I can buy some for myself to autograph, lol, and also later this year at Pop Gallery at Disney Springs here in Florida and will have the books in stock for me to autograph there too!

We have new coloring pages including GRAYSCALE coloring pages up at my Patreon!  These are all exclusive to my Patreon, not found in my coloring boosk, so they are completely different.  And yes – we have 14 grayscale designs (for those who prefer grayscale coloring pages already shaded) as well as 14 traditional lineart designs.  All for the $5 pledge here (if you are already a part of our coloring tier at Patreon you can see all the coloring pages, old & new and lineart & grayscale all here).  Basically whenever we release a lineart we’ll release a grayscale so everybody is happy, hehe =)


Whew! – and that’s it!  Now scroll down to see it all, and I hope to see some of you guys this Sunday (or hear from you, as you’ll be the ones seeing ME) up at Twitch =)

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