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Jasmine’s 1st Coloring Book! Unseelie Court Greed, 20 Sided Dice Fairy & more….

Updates from Jasmine!

What a week!

We are BACK from Dragon*Con – thank you all who made came to see me & helped make it our best, most successful and BUSIEST Dragon*Con ever.  We’ll be back next year!

Florida folks – I’m doing an event this Saturday, September 19th at the WonderGround Gallery inside Disney’s Marketplace Co-Op from 4pm-7pm here at Downtown Disney in Florida.  Stop by & say hi!  It’s a free event, kids are welcome, I’ll have my Disney art there!  Details are here

Kansas City folks!  The KC Renfest hast started!  Details are on my event page here .  My permanent gallery will be open every day at the Renfest for the entire season, and I myself will be there in person the last week of September and the first week of October (and I’ll be painting!).

Now onto the BIG news!  Yes, I’m officially announcing my first coloring book!  TheJasmine Becket-Griffith Coloring Book is being published by Blue Angel Publishing (the folks who did my Strangeling book and many of my Oracle Card Decks).  I do not yet have a release date or price, but stay tuned- it’s a big fancy coloring book great for grownups (or kids of all ages too) and will be available worldwide, on Amazon, etc.

Now for the new art!  I debuted a lot of new original paintings at DragonCon, and we’ve started releasing all of them now online as prints (pretty much all of the originals however are sold).

Today I’m introducing “Unseelie Court:  Greed” and “20 Sided Dice Fairy“!

2016 Jasmine Becket-Griffith Calendar now available!


My 2016 Calendars are out! You can buy them on Amazon here – or UK folks I recommend here- and Dragon Con people – we are continuing the tradition of giving away FREE Calendars or Weekly Planners to the first 20-25 people who show up at my Artist Bazaar Table (show opens at 1pm in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Grand Hall WEST on Friday, September 4). No strings attached – the first folks who come by can get a free calendar or weekly planner as supplies last. Also available (with worldwide shipping!) from the publishers, (and no, unfortunately they didn’t do one of the big datebooks this year, only the weekly planners, but they are quite nice)

Jasmine’s new Tinker Bell, Frost Dragonling, Dragon*Con & other new stuff!

Updates from Jasmine!

Another big update from me!

Firstly – thank you all so much who came to my Take Over event at Disneyland!  We had our best show ever!  Florida folks – I’ll be at our WonderGround Gallery (inside Disney’s Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney in Florida) on August 8th – details are here .  California folks – I’ll be back in Anaheim again soon – I’ll be at D23 in August too – details are here

I have two new paintings to show you!  Tinker Bell at Skull Rock here and Frost Dragonling here!

The LAST #5/5 Limited Edition Canvas of “Luna Eclipse” is up for auction here.

Sale print of the week is Captain Molly Morgan here

I’m getting ready for DRAGON*CON coming up soon!  I’ve written up my annual “Dragon*Con Preview PDF” which has all the details about my artwork in the art show this year – text descriptions & pricing for paintings, prices on other prints & merchandise, tips for buying & lining up, how to get a free 2016 Strangeling Calendar, and more.  If you’d like me to email you this art show preview PDF, just email m e here at [email protected] with the subject line “Dragon*Con Originals” and I’ll email it right back to you!  More details about Dragon*Con are on my event page here

This Saturday, July 25h at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles I’ll have a new painting – “Stilleven XI:  Vanitas” – details are here

And finally – other good news – I have some great new throw blankets here

MegaCon 2015 – Jasmine is there now!

Updates from Jasmine!

Just a short update from me this time – MegaCon starts TODAY!

At the Orange County Convention Center, MegaCon opens to the public at 1:00pm today (or early at Noon if you are a 3day advance ticket holder!).

I will be there all day every day today, Saturday & Sunday!

I am in the same spot as always, the BIG 20 foot double booth in the middle of the room, by Coliseum of Comics.   My booth number(s) are #728-730.  That means I am in row #700 – look up at the ceiling and you will see the numbered rows.  I am in row 700.  (That means I’m not in the artist alley, I am in the main exhibitor’s section as I always am!!)

Thousands of prints, and the debut of “The World” – my newest original painting! I’ll be signing autographs and stuff too!

When: April 10, 11, and 12th

Friday, April 10th, 1pm – 7pm
Saturday, April 11th, 10am – 6pm
Sunday, April 12th, 10am – 5pm*

(Please note, I may leave a couple hours early on Sunday as I need to get ready to check in for our flight to London for the Book Fair the next day, but Matt will be at the booth for the full day).

And yes – we will have Canvas Cuties!  =)


the mini prints (4×6 glossies) are $3
Disney WonderGround postcards are $6
the 8×10 prints are $10
the 12×16 prints are $20

canvas cuties (little 3″ square open edition canvas blocks) are $30
limited edition 6×6″ Faces of Faery canvases are $50
11×14 limited edition canvases are $95

large open edition canvases are $195

original paintings are $4500-$5000

we’ll also have a bunch of things like magazines, books, oracle & tarot cards, puzzles, etc. priced between $5 – $35.

And we take credit cards, debit cards, cash or Paypal =)

More details can be found on my Facebook Event pages here  and


PS – Florida people – I’m adding other new events in the Orlando area very shortly!  If you’d like to mark your calendars now, I haven’t officially announced these but have confirmed the following upcoming dates:

*April 25th – Saturday evening at Disney’s Marketplace Co-Op’s WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney in Florida

*June 13th –   Saturday evening at Disney’s Marketplace Co-Op’s WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney in Florida

*June 27th – Saturday evening “Jasmine Paints LIVE” at Pop Gallery Orlando at Downtown Disney West Side in Florida


These events and more will be added shortly to my Events page here at Facebook or also at the Calendar at .  I’ll be announcing more upcoming shows in the UK, California, New Mexico, Kansas City, Atlanta, Seattle & more!!

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Debit Cards

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Debit Cards

I’ve got this and more up at – click HERE to see them all – they have seventeen different images to choose from, these are payment cards – use them anywhere Debit Mastercards are accepted. (not credit cards, so no credit check needed!) . This one features my painting “Nymph with Monarchs” – many other images are up there, “Three Little Birds,” “Heart of Nails”, “Pink Lightning”, “Alice and Snow White,” “Durga and the Tiger,” “Windswept,” “Alice and the Mad Hatter,” “Amara and the Book,” “Bootstrap Betsy” and more!!

Grand Opening at Disney tomorrow! “Oaken Mead” Painting, Faberge Egg & Contest….

Updates from Jasmine!

Another busy week, lots of new stuff to show you!

Firstly – just a reminder – TOMORROW (Friday) and Saturday night are my next appearances here at Disney World – March 6 & 7 at Disney’s Marketplace Co-Opalso at Downtown Disney (celebrating the grand opening of the WonderGround Gallery section here!).  Details about the event are here.  I will be there in the brand new WonderGround Gallery inside the Co-Op from about 5pm-7:30pm on both Friday & Saturday nights.

In other news – I have a new painting – “Oaken Mead” – available as prints & canvases here!  She’s an illustration for FAE Magazine‘s new Matthew David Becketshort story of the same name.

On the merchandise front – good news from Disney’s D-Tech – they’ve added the first of my Disney paintings to their lineup for customizable cellphone cases – details arehere.

Also in new merchandise – my very first Faberge Egg design from the Bradford Exchange is available right now online here, in stock now, featuring my Ruby Dragonling (it’s also a music box, & opens up!)

The next installments in my serial painting tutorial for “European Peacock” Butterfly Fairy are HERE , on my JasmineBecket page at Wattpad.

And finally – the “Sale print of the week” is “Once Upon a Midnight Dreary”.  You can get the $9.99 sale price (or $19.99 for bigger prints, or $90 for the open edition canvas prints) all week long here.

Nightmare Before Christmas – Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Hi everybody!  A very special update today – unveiling my official new figurine collection featuring Disney / Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Available NOW to pre-order from the Hamilton Collection, please call asap to reserve yours.  These are Limited Edition and may only be available for a short time.

Just call: 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s A Fairy Nightmare Before Christmas: item #908817 .  IF they tell you the number is not yet in their system, please ask them to place a “manual order” for you.

As these are still in the pre-order/test stage, at this time they are only available to pre-order for US customers.  However when they are released they will be available on the secondary market worldwide, (at sites such as Burning Desires here who ship WORLDWIDE).

Call today!

Just call: 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s A Fairy Nightmare Before Christmas: item #908817
Officially licensed by Disney, this is a co-branded ©Disney ©Tim Burton ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith collection being created & sold by the Hamilton Collection.  A set of four of my fairies each holding a “doll” version of the popular Nightmare characters.  Limited Edition, cast in artist resin, each is about 4″ high, and YES there is the gorgeous Halloween Town backdrop/background display holder for them all to set on.  If you pre-order the collection you get the first figurine – “Jack” – FREE for 30 days to preview, all you need to do is call today.  Each additional figurine is $39.99.

Now – I’m only the lady who does the original artwork.   I don’t work for Hamilton Collection, I can’t help you with payments, shipping, ordering, tracking, schedules, none of that.  I’m just a painter.  So if you have any questions or any kind of feedback/suggestions – PLEASE the Hamilton Collection (not me, I’m only an artist) – they can be contacted here

Your collection starts with “Jack”

For a FREE 30 Day Preview

Just call: 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s A Fairy Nightmare Before Christmas: item #908817

With their favorite “dolls” in tow — which just happen to be your favorite characters from the movie, including Jack, Sally, Oogie Boogie and Zero, too — these four, fabulously fashioned fairies feel right at home beneath the full moon of their favorite new haunt — Halloween Town.

Poring over original Disney artwork, Hamilton’s Master Artisans work closely with Jasmine to bring her uniquely fantasy-flavored “nightmare” dazzlingly to life! Each fairy figurine is hand-sculpted and painted by hand — from one pint-sized pixie’s cobwebinspired wings to another spirited sprite’s “stitched” ragdoll-style dress.

Preview “Jack,” your Premiere Issue, FREE for 30 days!
SEND NO MONEY NOW, because you’re invited to preview Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s A Fairy Nightmare Before Christmas in your home FREE — starting with “Jack,” your first fairy inspired by the self-proclaimed “Pumpkin King” himself! Just mail in the enclosed Reservation Application and, upon approval, we will ship her to you at no risk and with no obligation to buy.

If she’s as boo-tifully handcrafted as we’ve described, she’s yours to keep for a single payment of $39.99 (plus $8.99 shipping and service).

Sally, Oogie Boogie & Zero

Just call: 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s A Fairy Nightmare Before Christmas: item #908817

Then, as a subscriber to the collection, you’ll be eligible to receive future issues as they are released, each featuring
one of Jasmine’s playful fairies and her cuddly pal from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Plus, subscribers will also receive a hand-sculpted Halloween Town display that’s perfect for showcasing your spooktacular new collection from Disney and Jasmine Becket-Griffith!

Each edition is limited to just 95 casting days, individually hand-numbered and includes its own Certificate of Authenticity attesting to its status as a limited-edition Jasmine original. You may collect as many as you wish, or cancel at any time simply by
notifying us.

100% satisfaction guaranteed — or your money back!
Best of all, you can always shop with complete confidence through Hamilton. We assure your satisfaction unconditionally with our 365-Day Guarantee. If, for any reason at all, you are not delighted with “Jack,” or any figurine you receive, send it back within one year for a refund — including shipping and service. Now that’s an offer you won’t find in any store! Relive the holiday appeal of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas in your home all year long with this one-of-a-kind debut! High demand is expected among Disney and Jasmine fans alike, so please — send for your FREE PREVIEW today!

Just call: 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s A Fairy Nightmare Before Christmas: item #908817 IF they tell you the number is not yet in their system, please ask them to place a “manual order” for you.

“Halloween Town” Display

The perfect way to display your collection – designed specifically for the figurines to sit on!

Halloween Town collector’s display
As a subscriber, future issues include a handcrafted Halloween Town display, complete with Jack’s house, Dr. Finkelstein’s lab and even a harvest full moon!

Call today, don’t miss out!

Just call: 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s A Fairy Nightmare Before Christmas: item #908817

Just call: 1-877-268-6638 tollfree and ask for Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s A Fairy Nightmare Before Christmas: item #908817. IF they tell you the number is not yet in their system, please ask them to place a “manual order” for you.

As these are still in the pre-order/test stage, at this time they are only available to pre-order for US customers.  However when they are released they will be available on the secondary market worldwide, (at sites such as Burning Desires here who ship WORLDWIDE).

Questions or any kind of feedback/suggestions – PLEASE the Hamilton Collection (not me, I’m only an artist) – they can be contacted here

All of my Disney artwork is ©Disney , licensed & contracted , ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith and the Hamilton Collection / Bradford Group , ©Tim Burton

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Shirts

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Shirts

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Shirts

New Jasmine Becket-Griffith shirts from People’s Choice Apparel!  These are awesome – “allover print” shirts – you can order them here sizes S up through 3X, in several images and a couple of different styles for women and juniors cuts. I love them!   If you have questions about sizes, ordering, shipping, styles, suggestions, etc. PLEASE contact the clothing company (I’m just the lady who does the paintings!) – they can be contacted here on their contact page.  More options & images may be available soon – be sure to bookmark the new shirts page here here


New Cloth Jasmine Becket-Griffith Dolls!

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Dolls

Jasmine Becket-Griffith Dolls

My new cloth dolls are now LIVE worldwide – click HERE  to see more photos or to purchase them!

These new cloth Jasmine Becket-Griffith Dolls are each hand-sewn by my mom or by Matt’s sister & are SO CUTE in real life!

Alice in Wonderland, Cheshire Cat, and Owlyn are $34.99 each, handmade, or purchase the set of BOTH Alice and the Cheshire Cat together.  Truly adorable, and suitable for all ages.

Big update! New Stilleven & Tableaux, Custom Paintings, Tarot Project & Open Edition Canvases

New Stuff – big update today!

So much new stuff to show you today!
I have two brand new paintings (from my Stilleven and Tableaux Vivants series), a new Custom Painting opportunity up for sale, a work-in-progress sneak peek for another custom painting, yet another exciting Tarot project, and possibly the BEST news of all – we have now introduced  Open Edition Canvases to for all of the sold out canvases.  That means if you missed out on the Limited Editions, you can now buy an open edition of all your favourites, with a signed COA.  Be sure to scroll down to see all the new stuff!

“Stilleven VII:  Bloesem”

10×12 Original Painting $3300 SOLD Prints & Canvases are HERE

“Stilleven VII: Bloesem” is the seventh in a series of works I have planned that feature “deconstructed” elements of still lifes inspired by the Dutch master painters of the 1500-1600s, along with lovely girls, faeries & nymphs (of course!). Stilleven is Dutch for “Still Life” and “Bloesem” means “blossom”. A lot of beautiful flowers in this one (tulips, irises), some grapes, and a skull for vanitas – all popular elements included in famous Dutch still lifes. This is my own original acrylic painting, hand painted on panel. Original painting has sold, but we have prints & canvases available! You can choose between large or small signed glossy paper prints ($9.99-$19.99 on sale this week) or the 11″x13″ Hand Embellished Limited Edition Canvas Prints (ready-to-hang!) for $125 – using the drop-down box under the Fine Art Prints options here: Prints & Canvases</p>We are happy to ship worldwide!

Prefer eBay? The small signed prints are here and the larger ones are here.
& also up at my Etsy store here The Limited Edtiion Canvases are also up in my own eBay store right HERE

Be sure to check out my entire series of “Stilleven” paintings – there are seven so far, and you can see them here.

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

“Tableaux Vivants II: Roger & Angelica”

12×16″ Original Painting $4500 SOLD , Prints & Canvases are HERE

The second in my “Tableaux Vivants” series (living pictures) – a surreal incorporation of my traditional female figurative portraits along with tiny magical scenes from historic or mythological imagery seemingly come to life. This painting is inspired by the 1819 Ingres painting of the knight Roger saving the princess Angelica from the sea monster (just saw it at the Louvre) with a rococo portrait – might be one of my favourites so far. The original has been sold, but the next best thing – the Limited Edition Canvas prints are now available for $125 each, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, signed & numbered out of 25, wrapped on boards & ready-to-hang, 11×14″. These canvases can be purchased at here (just select the Lt. Ed. Canvas option under the Fine Art Prints dropdown box).  Also on this page you can purchase the 8×10″ and 12×16″ glossy paper prints (signed by me on the back) – HERE</p>Prefer eBay?  The Lt. Ed. Canvas Prints are HERE

And also on eBay, the glossy paper prints are signed on the back by me:
8x10s are HERE and 12x16s are HERE

Want the set of both Tableaux Vivants together?

The set of BOTH Tableaux Vivants signed prints together are up as a sale set on eBay, too – the 8×10 set for $20 here andand the 12×16 set for $40 here

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Your own CUSTOM painting!

6″x6″ Original $1600 – Faces of Faery – you tell me how to finish her!

These are always such fun!  Basically an unfinished painting from my Faces of Faery series. Whomever purchases her will get to tell me how to finish her – what colour hair/skin/eyes, theme, background, wings/jewelry/tattoos – maybe a small pet – whatever we can fit into the 6×6″ original painting. Details are in the eBay listing HERE

Here is a sneak peek of the previous Custom Painting that I’m working on right now!  The winner of this one decided she wanted an Elvish girl with a baby dragon, she’s coming along nicely:

And here are the results of some of my previous “Custom” Faces of Faery:

78 Tarot Project!

The 78 Tarot Project Kickstarter is now LIVE – reserve your deck HERE

This is the deck featuring 78 different artists, for which I painted the “High Priestess” Card – my Loup-Garou: La Grande Pretresse piece with the wolves. Myself, Larry Elmore, Meredith Dillman, Delphine Griffin, Tanya Bond, Tiffany Toland-Scott, Carrie Hawks so many great artists are in it – representing many genres and media.
You can even see a short video of me discussing the project HERE (scroll down to the “Meet some of the Artists” YouTube Video)

There is a special Jasmine Becket-Griffith package as part of the Kickstarter – the $250 level gets a limited edition canvas of my High Priestess painting as well as aspecial card deck that has my painting on the cover (and additional rewards too).

The Kickstarter runs for 30 days to raise the funds for the publication, so any little bit helps. Definitely take the time to look through the kickstarter page, there are videos, previews of all the cards, a website showing all the artists, and more. Every dollar helps, and a $45 pledge gets you the deck, shout-outs on the website, and additional rewards, definitely check it out.  Every dollar helps, and there are a lot of wonderful people who have worked hard on this project – please share with any Tarot lovers in your life!

Speaking of Tarot – be sure to pre-order my “Beautiful Creatures” Tarot Deck – it is up on Amazon HERE and will be published in December.  78 Cards all with my paintings!

Open Edition Canvases now online!

For the first time ever, Open Edition Canvases are now online HERE

Did you miss out on your favourite painting as a Lt. Ed. Canvas? Good news! We now have the OPEN edition canvases (with a signed COA) up at HERE .
They have been added up there for ALL of the Limited Editions that have sold out. These are like the ones we have at the Renaissance Festival, art shows, etc. – on the deep stretcher bars, 12″x16″ (or 8×10 or 10×10 depending on the painting), they are remarqued with my initials on the front and come with a signed certificate of authenticity, truly the next best thing to the Limited Editions.

These are only available online once all the Limited Editions are sold, and are priced at $125 (or $95 for those that are 8×10 or 10×10). Yes, we ship worldwide. We will continue to add Open Edition Canvases as more Limited Editions continue to sell out. These are not numbered, not hand embellished, not limited in edition, but they are quite nice and come with the signed COA, so they are definitely the next best thing if you missed out on the original or the limited editions.

The Open Edition Remarqued Canvas option is on the Dropdown box on each image at the link HERE