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A Dragonling Valentine

Every year I do my best to paint a Valentine’s Day themed piece – sometimes sweet, sometimes grumpy, sometimes wistful, sometimes wicked.  Here is “A Dragonling Valentine” – I think this one would qualify as very sweet!  I’d love to have a dragon for my valentine – wouldn’t you?  I love the softly angelic feel to […]

Valentine’s Day Sale

We’re having our Valentine’s Day Sale from now until Wednesday! At here and also on eBay seller ID: StrangelingEmporium here only $9.99 each for loads of Valentine/Romance/Flowers/Candy themed artwork ($19.99 for big prints) – all signed on the back by me. Worldwide shipping! Sale ends Wednesday at midnight!

My Very Strange Valentine

My Very Strange Valentine! You may recognize this cute couple from my “Below Zero” painting of a few years back. Here’s an update – they’re still together, and celebrating Valentine’s Day! He’s a strange fellow to have for a Valentine, they definitely are an odd couple. Reminds me a bit of me and Matt. I […]

Where is My Valentine?

Where is My Valentine? This fairy asks! She certainly is lovely, I wonder who she is waiting for…. My own original acrylic painting.

Valentine Dragon

My first Valentine’s Day painting of 2010 (I do them every year, hehe). And possibly the best so far! “Valentine Dragon” is the title….. it features a beautiful purple dragonling with a plump red valentine heart, with a silver & pink haired sweetie! Who could turn down this as a Valentine’s Day gift? A very […]

Valentine Masquerade

Valentine Masquerade – a fairy beauty prepares for a Valentine’s Day masquerade ball! My own original acrylic painting.

A Valentine Scorned

An early and rather grumpy painting of a girl having a bad Valentine’s Day.

A Clockwork Valentine

A Clockwork Valentine! A cute little fairy girl with brass wings – clutching a clockwork heart. Lots of little steampunk-y details, too. So cute!!! Getting in the mood for Valentine’s Day – this piece could make a wonderful gift for your own valentine – or even better, a perfect Valentine’s gift for YOURSELF!!!! My own […]

Heart of Nails Collectible Enamel Pin

Our Pin of the Month released in February, 2019 – “Heart of Nails.” Based on my painting of the same title, I figured she has a good grumpy Valentine’s Day theme perfect for the February Pin of the Month! Remember – if you are not yet a Pin of the Month Collector you can always […]