Pandora Work-in-Progress
Work-in-Progress for “Pandora” – Myths & Mermaids Show

A work-in-progress for “Pandora” – almost done! The background alone has taken me days on this one, very detailed. Pandora is a new painting based on the Pandora’s Box myth that will be debuting at my Myths and Mermaids show (Dec. 14-15 at Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney at Disney World here in Florida – details are HERE). In my illustration, she’s already opened the box and behind her will be a lot of creepy Brueghel / Hieronymus Bosch sort of medieval monsters and demons, but the last critter out of the box will be “Hope” – which I have chosen to represent as a glowing butterfly.

This piece will be priced around $6400 and will measure around 32″x36″ framed in a huge elaborately ornate frame – acrylic painting on a 16×20 panel. Prints & Lt. Ed. Canvases will also be available at and after the event. Be sure to get on the “Jasmine VIP email list” to be notified when this original painting (and other new originals available from the Myths and Mermaids show!) is available to purchase.
You can join the list by calling Pop Gallery at 407-827-8200 or emailing [email protected] and simply ask to be on the VIP list for Jasmine Becket-Griffith Originals .

While Pop Gallery does not pre-sell or reserve unfinished artworks, all available originals will be announced via email after completion first to the “Jasmine VIP email list” and then sold on a first-come, first-served basis. You must be on this Jasmine VIP email list if you would like to receive purchase information prior to the general public release before the show.



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